The tiniest arcade cabinets you’ve ever seen


After perusing Amazon one day, [Dave] found a very interesting piece of kit: a small, 1.5″ digital picture frame. They’re not very complex, just an LCD, a few buttons to cycle the picture, and a battery to keep everything portable. He decided the best use of this tech would be a tiny arcade cabinet, featuring screen shots of the best games a darkly neon lit arcade of the late 80s had to offer.

After sourcing a few of these digital picture frames on eBay, [Dave] set to work disassembling the frames and designing a custom enclosure. He wanted a few specific features: controls in the right place, replaceable sides, and the glowing red eyes of a coin acceptor slot. [Dave] whipped a model up in OpenSCAD and sent the parts over to his printer.

The controls for the digital picture frame were connected to a quartet of tact switches on the control panel, and a red LED provides the glow from the coin acceptor. With a USB plug and the frame’s memory loaded up with screen shots, [Dave] has a fabulous desk toy.

All the relevant files are up on Thingiverse if you’d like to build your own.


  1. How fun! The coin slots are a brilliant touch and really make it.

    Now not to self-promote, but on the other end of the geek mod spectrum I have a steampunk thingamajig made from a similar frame here:

  2. Andrew Hull says:

    The display looks remarkably similar to the one used here..

    ..So in theory you could make a fully functional Pacman cabinet in that form factor.

  3. Hack Man says:

    Can you actually play these?

  4. Adam Munich says:


  5. Kevin N. Haw says:

    Zoolnader/”Is this an arcade for ANTS?!” jokes to begin in 3, 2, 1…

  6. Gdogg says:

    Pretty cool. He should make them playable.

  7. Cliff says:

    It will definitely generate some interest in people, but interest dies quite quickly. It is important to have more features than just “tiny arcade cabinet.”

  8. zuul says:

    i saw this one while searching for mame stuff the other day:

    he just ports mame on the GP2X wiz and re-houses it in the tiny cabnet

  9. Brian says:

    I have a few photo keychains laying around, but the software is too old. MacDPFMate is pre-loaded on a mounted partition, but it is for PowerPC architecture. Any ideas on how to get new photos on it? I was going to make something similar but with an Adventure Time BMO screen slideshow.

  10. fraganator says:

    I stumbled across some similar mini cabs the other day. The Discs Of Tron cabinet is very cool.

  11. tiger up says:
  12. Haku says:

    Super cool, makes me wish I had a 3D printer.

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