The tiniest arcade cabinets you’ve ever seen


After perusing Amazon one day, [Dave] found a very interesting piece of kit: a small, 1.5″ digital picture frame. They’re not very complex, just an LCD, a few buttons to cycle the picture, and a battery to keep everything portable. He decided the best use of this tech would be a tiny arcade cabinet, featuring screen shots of the best games a darkly neon lit arcade of the late 80s had to offer.

After sourcing a few of these digital picture frames on eBay, [Dave] set to work disassembling the frames and designing a custom enclosure. He wanted a few specific features: controls in the right place, replaceable sides, and the glowing red eyes of a coin acceptor slot. [Dave] whipped a model up in OpenSCAD and sent the parts over to his printer.

The controls for the digital picture frame were connected to a quartet of tact switches on the control panel, and a red LED provides the glow from the coin acceptor. With a USB plug and the frame’s memory loaded up with screen shots, [Dave] has a fabulous desk toy.

All the relevant files are up on Thingiverse if you’d like to build your own.

25 thoughts on “The tiniest arcade cabinets you’ve ever seen

      1. And not actually impossible either… Take a Carambola or an embedded arm, code up a Pacman-workalike and connect it all to an 128×128 LCD, and you should be good.

        1. Could something similar be done by using a raspberry pi running an emulator and maybe a bluetooth controller?

    1. Sure – they might not have the same exact level of excitement as the full size versions – but pop your miniature quarter in there and see what happens.

  1. It will definitely generate some interest in people, but interest dies quite quickly. It is important to have more features than just “tiny arcade cabinet.”

  2. i saw this one while searching for mame stuff the other day:

    he just ports mame on the GP2X wiz and re-houses it in the tiny cabnet

    1. Or like this:
      From Sprites mods

  3. I have a few photo keychains laying around, but the software is too old. MacDPFMate is pre-loaded on a mounted partition, but it is for PowerPC architecture. Any ideas on how to get new photos on it? I was going to make something similar but with an Adventure Time BMO screen slideshow.

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