Calling European Hackerspaces!

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In a few weeks time, I will be in Düsseldorf on business for the world’s largest plastics and rubber industry trade show, the K-Show. That’s not very interesting for you, but afterwards a coworker and I will be traveling for a week in Europe, and being the geeks we are, we would rather visit you instead of the typical tourist attractions (mind you I have lived in Germany for half a year).

The majority of our Hackerspace Intro pieces thus far have been limited to North America, so we would love to visit your Hackerspace in Europe! Take pictures, ask a few questions, get a tour, and share it all here!

If you are part of, or know of a cool hackerspace in approximately the geographical doodle shown on Google Maps above, let us know in the comments! We will be traveling around October 19th to the 24th.


  1. Daniel says:

    We’d love to welcome you in our space, the chaosdorf in Düsseldorf :) just send me a short email when you’ll be visiting to make sure somebody is there to show you arround.

  2. David says:

    I recently found out there’s one near my home town:

    Never visited or contacted those folks… If you visit, please let me know. Want to go too.

    • berendwouters says:

      Hello all of you,

      I am one of the co-founders of Brixel, and I would like to invite you to our space. Well space… since we’re a starting hackerspace, and currently are searching for a physical location. This doesn’t mean we don’t do nothing, on the contrary. Feel free to drop by, just contact me and we’ll arrange a meeting :)

      You can also take a look on our wiki:

  3. haxelion says:

    We have two hackerspaces in Brussels: UrLab and the HSBXL. HSBXL is actually the first belgian hackerspace. I’m from UrLab and we don’t have a lot of space or stuff to show, but HSBXL has a lot. You can look there:

    And if you were coming to the HSBXL, I’m pretty sure a few meber from UrLab would come too ;-)

  4. JWRM22 says:

    Be sure to visit Utrecht, Netherlands. I don´t know about the hackerspace, but there are a few places I like to hangout (and hack). The Electronics lab at the university (applied science), FabLab (Tuesday and Thursday, free use of machines). The last thursday-nite of the month we have a hacker meetup (HackerNL).

  5. MishMash says:

    Awesome idea! You should come to Bitlair in the Netherlands!

    • medix says:

      I’ll second coming to the Netherlands: MadSpace in Eindhoven.

      We’re just getting started, and we don’t have much on the table, but we’d love to have you for the full Dutch experience all the same!

      There’s also quite a bit of tech-y stuff here too: Philips museum, DAF Auto museum, Shapeways, etc..

      There’s also the local university, if you want to go into some really hardcore science! ;)

  6. Ward De Ridder says:

    You are always welcome at VoidWarranties in Antwerp (Belgium). You can always contact me for more information / to pick a date.

  7. feuerrot says:

    The next hackerspace would be the Chaosdorf in Düsseldorf ;)

  8. Oscar says:

    You should come to the TKKRlab. every tuesday is open for non-members and almost all of our members should be present.

    you can contact the owner of the space via IRC.
    it’s zeno4ever
    hope to see you,

  9. Zeno4Ever says:

    Your welcome to visit our hackerspace Tkkrlab in Enschede, Netherlands, near the german border.

    For a impression what we do see our website of see this virtual tour


  10. warddr says:

    You are always welcome @ VoidWarranties in Antwerp!

  11. svn says:

    You could visit Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany. We have a copy of the definition of a kilogram (a sphere made out of silicium) or a car which is driving driverless through part of the city, respecting the traffic lights and rules.
    If u need more info, just write me a mail ;)


  12. Da Syntax says:

    If you like you can visit ACKspace (Heerlen, The Netherlands). There will be cold mate.

  13. t11r says:

    Hack42 (Arnhem, Netherlands):
    Nice people there and a (little) computer museum.

    Koningsweg 23a
    6816 TD Arnhem

    Twitter: @hack42
    Twitter Hash: #hack42
    IRC: #hack42

  14. RaumZeitLabor / Mannheim, close to your border, but still in range I guess :)

  15. tiberius says:

    You’re welcome to visit our humble hackerspace in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt.
    Here’s some information:

  16. Felicitus says:

    It seems that RaumZeitLabor in Mannheim, Germany is pretty much on-route.

  17. You’ll obviously be most welcome at Revelation Space ( in The Hague.

  18. phlux says:

    Chaostreff Dortmund :

  19. Timm says:

    Hello James,

    this is Timm speaking from the shackspace. This hackerspace is located in Stuttgart. I know that Stuttgart is not covered by the doodle you have painted in the map. But I try to convince you to visit the probably coolest hackerspace in the world:

    As you likely know Hackaday has written a lot of post concerning cool projects made in the shackspace. There are a lot projects are not well documented, but worth to see. We are still growing. Founded in 2009 we have now approximately 200 members. Currently we renovate some additional rooms to get more space for our bigger electronics lab or for the industrial robot arm.

    We would like to give you a guided tour through our hackerspace. See you!

  20. PKM says:

    Sadly Cambridge Makespace ( is a little way outside your bubble, but drop in if you’re ever in the UK! We’re technically in Europe…

  21. Kenz Dale says:

    Come to the Syn2cat in Luxembourg. We have an awesome fridge-sized marble calculator, we’re organizing a workshop on non-newtonian fluids (you know, for kids!), and we’ve been having crazy fun with UAVs this year.

    Plus, you can rack up another country on your bucket list. ;)

  22. kubark42 says:

    Come to the Syn2cat in Luxembourg. We have an awesome closet-sized marble calculator, we’re building a workshop on non-newtonian fluids (you know, for kids!), and we’ve been having crazy fun with UAVs this year.

    Plus, you can knock another country off your bucket list. ;)

  23. aegis3d says:

    Enschede has , the University college Saxion has a hackerspace and the University of Twente has a few interesting spaces at well, including the smartXP lab ( )

  24. CarbonBaer says:

    You should visit Raumzeitlabor in Mannheim!
    Address: Mannheim, Boverie street 22-24
    Coordinates: 49.507242, 8.499177

  25. Simon Budig says:

    Please feel free to drop by in Siegen, Germany at HaSi – . We are a fairly new and small hackspace but hopefully will be able to show at least a bit of interesting stuff :)

    (would be perfectly located along your trip to e.g. Frankfurt/Darmstadt/Mannheim, where a few intersting hackspaces are as well.)

    Btw: in RaumZeitLabor (Mannheim) there will be a conference “Trollcon” on 26th/27th October:

  26. harrstein says:

    Tkkrlab @ Enschede,NL is also a option

  27. Indyaner says:

    I’m from Düsseldorf too, so here are our 3 more or less known hackerspaces:

  28. BugBlue says:

    You are very welcome to visit the largest and most awesome dutch hacker- and makerspace: Hack42 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Please reserve some time for the extended tour.

  29. Wazzco says:

    Any hackerspaces in West-Flanders (Belgium)? Always been curious about this…

  30. Olm-e says:

    don’t hesitate to pass by the Brussels’s Hackerspace(s)
    HSBXL ( ) and UrLab ( ) will gladly open the doors … if they are not already. (we do BBQ @ HSBXL … ;) )

  31. olme says:

    don’t hesitate to pass by the Brussels’s Hackerspace(s)
    HSBXL ( ) and UrLab ( ) will gladly open the doors … if they are not already. (we do BBQ @ HSBXL … ;) )

  32. wonko says:

    Come visit us in Frankfurt ->

    Happy Hacking!

  33. Come and visit us in Australia!

  34. I hope you find time to drop by Gothenburg, Sweden, and visit our newly started hackerspace!

  35. Manuel says:

    At the top right corner of the Area is the Mainframe, Oldenburg’s Hackspace. Have a look at :)

  36. James Hobson says:

    I must say, these responses has been awesome! We’ll try and visit as many as we can! Over the next week or so I’ll be responding to individual comments that fit our schedule and hopefully we can set something up!

    PS: During the K-Show we will be staying in Cologne, any Hackerspaces there? We will be able to visit (all?) of the Dusseldorf hackerspaces in the evening, during the show 15-19th!

  37. Eirinn says:

    I just wish i could go to the K-show :(

  38. David says:

    Flanders is present. Respect. :D

  39. Olm-e says:

    don’t hesitate to pass by the Brussels’s Hackerspace(s)
    HSBXL ( ) and UrLab ( ) will gladly open the doors … if they are not already. (we do BBQ @ HSBXL … ;) )

  40. You’re welcome in Oldenburg’s hackspace, which is called Mainframe. It’s location is a couple of km north of the marked area.

    Info in english:
    Website (in german, sorry):
    Map with Hackspace position:

    — Sebastian

  41. COde says:

    Netherlands, Amsterdam. Been there at least once. looks nice.

  42. See for a list of hacker spaces in the Netherlands.
    I’m a participant of in The Hague myself, one of the larger hacker spaces in the netherlands. It’s basically guaranteed to be open on Tuesday nights (weekly BBQ all year long), for other times it’s probably best to ask first on IRC (#revspace on

  43. Koen Buys says:

    Area 3001 is a newly started hackerspace in Leuven, Belgium, we meet every Tuesday evening, feel free to come and visit.

  44. Georg says:
  45. Jan Solo says:

    Goto Rotterdam and visit Worm (which includes a media lab / hackerspace / learning place and has lots of cool events going on). In the same building you’ll find V_2 as well…

  46. Mario Lukas says:

    Hi James,

    maybe you can visit us at Dorkbot Aachen (23.10.13 – )
    I will show some of my projects like the toilett paper printer and 3D printer made of scrap parts there.

  47. Ben says:

    There’s a few european things listed on Ben Goldacre’s Nerdy Day Trips, he’s (IMHO) an excellent Guardian Bad Science columnist.check out the site at

  48. philipp says:

    You may visit us at the warpzone ( ) in Münster, Germany. It’s between Dortmund and Bielefeld on your Map.

  49. koensa says:

    In Ghent (Belgium)

    regards Koen

  50. cb0 says:

    Since you seem to have expanded the doodle to Brunswick, it would be very rude indeed not to Issue an invitation:

    You can visit us at the “ags” where I am spending a lot of my free time. We are not a Hackerspace by the letter, but do a lot of electronics hacking.

    There is also the Hackerspace “Stratum0″ which would be a worthwhile visit aswell, but since I’m no member there (I still hang out from time to time), I can’t invite you on their behalf. Maybe on of their members will respond aswell.

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