JJ Dasher: The Tinkerer (Documentary)


This isn’t our usual faire, it’s a really cool documentary on a hacker. [JJ Dasher] is a tinkerer from Taylorsville, Utah — and this is his story.

Like many mechanical hackers, he got his start taking apart engines with his dad who owned a motorcycle repair shop at the time. The cover photo above is of his micro-bike project, which can get him going quite fast! He’s also built quite a few tesla coils, and loves picking up things from thrift stores to hack. He’s got a kid now which takes up a lot of his time, but he jokes that his son is just his next big project waiting to be finished.

We’ve actually featured [JJ's] projects quite a few times before. He brought us the Doombox (handheld Doom-only computer), the awesome brute force GPS PIN cracker, and in the spirit of halloween one of our favorites: a tesla coil that delivers shocking candy!

Stick around after the break to watch the well-filmed documentary — don’t worry, it’s only 8 minutes long!


  1. Robert says:

    That micro-bike is insane. Also, do you know where that mine is in Utah?

  2. JJ says:

    Thanks HAD for featuring this! I might as well shamelessly plug the starving artists that created this video: http://www.halfcuttea.com. Matt Glass is a good friend of mine. Super talented guy.

    …and my own YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/redruM0381

  3. jim says:

    Great guy. As he said in his video “things are to easy these days” … I say that ALL THE TIME…thank you for agreeing!

  4. Truth says:

    A thinker and a doer – Loads of people think about things that they COULD do, but rarely do.

  5. Aaron says:

    Had the opportunity to work with JJ once only which I got to know more if the guy! Congrats JJ well deserved.

  6. ds18s20 says:

    You go JJ!

  7. chadberg says:

    As someone who has one year old (my first child!) I completely get the ‘takes up a lot of time, but is also a really cool project’ thing. I sometimes miss having the time to work on my personal projects, but wouldn’t change a thing. That kid’s got an awesome dad, and I bet he turns out to be another successful project. Just don’t sell it on eBay after cleaning it up.

  8. linda drake says:

    This was so fascinating to watch and this man so reminded me of my father. I grew up watching Dad tinker and build the strangest things out of ordinary stuff!
    Thanks for sharing!

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