POV Airsoft Turret on a RC Plane

airsoft gunship

To be honest, we’re surprised this hasn’t been tried before — then again, maybe it has! But what we do know is that the folks over at Flite Test have rigged up an electric Airsoft gun to a large RC airplane, aptly called The Kracken.

The planes are a scaled up version of their own FT Versa Wing, which feature two props, giving them the ability of differential thrust. Not only were they able to strap a semi-automatic Airsoft pistol on top, they also have two GoPros filming the action and giving the gunner a POV for shooting down the enemy plane! Don’t worry though, the enemy plane features its own weapon — A permanent marker! This hardly seems fair though, as the closer the marker gets, the easier shooting down the plane will be!

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the awesome video for yourself, after the break.

Not impressive enough? Earlier this year, Flite Test also produced a plane with a built in afterburner!

[Thanks Jon!]


  1. Addidis says:

    Has anyone built an object recognition / facial recognition turret?

  2. schlackbob says:

    basically a cool thing but they should disposable rounds. not so cool that all the plastic balls lands in the wild and got eaten by animals or so. anyway, cool vid.

  3. carbohydrates says:

    This turret doesn’t seem that well made…not too functional and not well designed for this platform.

    • carbohydrates says:

      But it’s still a pretty cool idea :)

    • Marvin says:

      When is version .01 *ever* all that good? This is hackaday, not finalproductreadyformarketaday.

      • carbohydrates says:

        They could’ve done a few things that would have taken longer – maybe PWM on the servos to allow more than 3 angles to aim at, and another servo for vertical aim. The guy originally designed it for a quadcopter, IIRC, which is a totally different platform. This would have been fine for that. But on an airplane, he could have made a few small changes to make this project 400x better.

  4. Scaramouche says:

    That guy seriously thinks the shooting plane’s projectiles are slowed by moving forward? Did he consider that the chasing plane is moving forward at the same speed? Physics fail.

  5. First airsoft, then Nerf! Will someone think of the children!

  6. HackJack says:

    I’m more interested in the goggle that they put on. Can they really see from first person view from the model planes? In real-time? Using what wireless technology?

    • iangates says:

      Yes they can. It’s called first person view/video (FPV). A small camera’s video feed is sent to a transmitter on the plane. A receiver on the ground (goggles or small screen) will display the feed in real time to the pilot.

    • Sam Twibill says:

      Hi HackJack,
      Somewhere on their site – I wasted SO MUCH TIME at work yesterday – you can find a magic gold box in a video called “rc 305 5.8g av receiver” use your google-fu and its a cheap enough but for what you get

      Now to make my own FPV goggles.


    • Zeke says:

      They are most likely using Fatshark FPV goggles. They normally run off the 5.8 or 2.4 ghz band. With little power and high gain you can acheive flights over miles. (provided your wireless remote controller doesn’t give out first).

      Source: I own one.

  7. Whatnot says:

    Man this is taxing to watch, all the fake ‘acting’ they attempt and then two slow planes they try to keep lined up so he can hit it while they continue with their tiresome banter.
    Had to skip then stop early.
    Try being a bit more real guys.


  9. dave says:

    Oh hey I know Kenny. These guys are in Cleveland?

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