[Charles's] Epic “Total-Recap” GoKart Post


If you’ve built an electric vehicle in the past few years, you probably owe [Charles] a couple of beers. Now you can feel more indebted to him after you read his 17,500-word, 10-part post covering everything you need to know about electric go-kart design. You’ll want to grab a sandwich to keep you company.

You probably recall the Chibikart from posts earlier this summer, which is one of an endless list of EV projects [Charles] has up his sleeve. He’s been teaching MIT students how to build EV karts for a while now, and this total-recap “2.00gokart” novel is [Charles's] way of sharing the wealth. This is more than a simple how-to guide, though. Instead, it reads like a teacher’s edition of GoKarting 101, with a few brief and important histories, walk-throughs of how the class evolved, exhaustive links to vendors, graphs, videos, and plenty of reference and documentation.

If you have even the slightest interest in electric vehicles, do yourself a favor and give it a browse. There are a couple of videos after the break, and if you need some more motivation, check out the EV skateboard that uses a lot of the same parts.

Thanks [Charles]


  1. Adam Munich says:

    Segway racing, I really am challenging you.

  2. dALE says:

    Hackaday is getting better by the minute.

  3. no one says:

    why would I buy a beer for someone that has done the same thing as me? Maybe the sentence should read something like “if you’ve ever read into building .. ,you’ve probably stumbled up on … person blog/write-up/etc”.

  4. Wretch says:

    I don’t think Sebastian Vettel’s got anything to worry about. (c:

    Seriously, I know Formula E is starting up; is there a kart-ing equivalent? There’s got to be, I’d think. It’s hard to imagine that nobody’s tried to organise one.

  5. Ragebridge

  6. mangofart says:

    Commit sudoku.

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