[Charles’s] Epic “Total-Recap” GoKart Post


If you’ve built an electric vehicle in the past few years, you probably owe [Charles] a couple of beers. Now you can feel more indebted to him after you read his 17,500-word, 10-part post covering everything you need to know about electric go-kart design. You’ll want to grab a sandwich to keep you company.

You probably recall the Chibikart from posts earlier this summer, which is one of an endless list of EV projects [Charles] has up his sleeve. He’s been teaching MIT students how to build EV karts for a while now, and this total-recap “2.00gokart” novel is [Charles’s] way of sharing the wealth. This is more than a simple how-to guide, though. Instead, it reads like a teacher’s edition of GoKarting 101, with a few brief and important histories, walk-throughs of how the class evolved, exhaustive links to vendors, graphs, videos, and plenty of reference and documentation.

If you have even the slightest interest in electric vehicles, do yourself a favor and give it a browse. There are a couple of videos after the break, and if you need some more motivation, check out the EV skateboard that uses a lot of the same parts.

Thanks [Charles]

11 thoughts on “[Charles’s] Epic “Total-Recap” GoKart Post

  1. why would I buy a beer for someone that has done the same thing as me? Maybe the sentence should read something like “if you’ve ever read into building .. ,you’ve probably stumbled up on … person blog/write-up/etc”.

    1. I’d be impressed if you’ve done as much work as Chuck has. That said, you’re right if you didn’t turn to online resources and just worked it out for yourself. (Not to imply that you didn’t)

      Almost every online EV community links to something of Charles’s, notably his Instructables under the name teamtestbot:




  2. I don’t think Sebastian Vettel’s got anything to worry about. (c:

    Seriously, I know Formula E is starting up; is there a kart-ing equivalent? There’s got to be, I’d think. It’s hard to imagine that nobody’s tried to organise one.

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