Will Dance For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Bot

It seems that Bitcoin is all over the news nowadays, but the Bitcoin Bot is probably the first robot that will dance for Bitcoins.

[Ryan] at HeatSync Labs in Mesa, AZ, is a fan of the cryptocurrency, and decided to build something to accept it. He discovered that Coinbase, a popular hosted Bitcoin wallet service, has a callback API. This causes Coinbase to fetch a specified URL any time a wallet receives a transaction, and provides information on the transaction in the request. A Python script handles these requests and updates a running count of the BTC balance sent to the robot’s wallet.

On the hardware side, an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield checks the balance. If it has changed, it calls the dance function and the luau girl dances.

The robot sits in the window of the hackerspace, so anyone passing by can read about Bitcoin and make a donation. The source code is on Github, and a video follows after the break.


  1. How can you post the Bitcoins through the slot when it’s behind the window?
    And do you get a bigger dancing doll if you post more money?

  2. Heatshrink says:

    The days following completion of this project brought Bitcoin from ~1,100 USD to 750. Coincidence? I think not. Ryan crashed Bitcoin. Hackaday should not encourage this kind of behavior.

  3. I’d love to contact someone in regards to this. I have a few questions regarding the static QR and the callback URL generated. Can you do me a solid and shoot me an email?

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