Attacknid Becomes Laser Death Drone

Laser Drone

[styroPyro] liked his Attacknid, but decided it needed just a bit more blue death ray laser. We’ve seen [styroPyro’s] high-powered laser hacks before, but this time he’s taken to hacking one of [Jaimie Mantzel’s] Attacknid robots. According to one of the top comments on [styroPyro’s] video—a comment by Attacknid inventor [Jaimie] himself—the robots were meant to be hacked, and [Jamie] is ecstatic.

[styropyro] removed the disk shooter from his Attacknid and used the fire control circuit to activate a 2 watt blue laser. A low powered, red laser pointer serves as a laser sight, allowing you to aim at your target before unleashing the beefy blue laser. As the video shows, 2 watts is a heck of a lot of power. The Attacknid easily pops balloons and sets fire to flash paper. As usual, we urge you to use caution when handling 2 watt lasers, which fall under Class 4: aka the most dangerous class of lasers. Goggles, skin protection, and safety interlocks are the order of the day. [styroPyro] has been working with high power lasers for a few years, and seems to know what he’s doing. That said, we’ll leave the burning lasers to the professionals.

26 thoughts on “Attacknid Becomes Laser Death Drone

    1. also remember that remaining pilot may not be able to land his aircraft in one. but, yeah, that’s obviously a minor mishap when compared to your fear of “big jail time”.

      1. can you cite a single instance of this ever happening? of course not because a pilot has never been blinded by a laser. also the beam will spread out and it’s intensity will be severely decreased.

          1. @Matt your wrong. Blinded as in flash blindness not as never seeing again. Getting flashed by a laser will also take away your night vision if nothing else.
            AKA it is dangerous, illegal, and frankly stupid. Since it is dangerous to other people and has no benefit it is the a fine law even by libertarian standards.

          1. and in none of those cases was anyone ever blinded. but hey keep on making baseless claims and remain incapable of citing sources

        1. It is not the possibility of blinding a pilot but the distraction and resultant confusion it causes during a time where the utmost focus is needed to ensure pilot/passenger safety. A person that aims a laser at an aircraft has established themselves as a moron incapable of realizing that the possible result of human fatality far outweighs the fun intended .

        2. “The beam will spread out and it’s intensity will be severely decreased.”

          Well, how do you think a laser designator works, then?

  1. It’d be nice to have variable speed on the turret, to make it easier to aim.

    I suspect they’re using a digital RC controller though.

  2. did anyone else see the iron burn on the floor? am I the only one confused as to how an iron burns a floor?

    btw: shut up and take my cubits you filthy toaster making scum!

    1. If they’re like me, its because they cant be bothered setting up the ironing board so they chose a spot on the floor near a power outlet ;)

    2. My kitcher floor has the melted imprint of a engine rocker cover. Dropped whilst taking out of the oven. Retained heat better than the welding gloves did.

      Once you drop it, picking it up immediately aint gonna matter :)

  3. Um guys, two things: One, put a larger battery on, add a relay, beefier diode. Instant security system of the future. Two, take off three legs, hack in a turret, remodel into portal turret.

    I must have one.

        1. A class IV laser is guaranteed permanent blindness :P

          Using even more power will just make it take an even bigger toll on surrounding furniture, drapes etc. :D

  4. Oh… I’m not the only person who thinks that it looks like a portal turret… maybe replacing the laser with a red one may help…

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