Attacknid Becomes Laser Death Drone

Laser Drone

[styroPyro] liked his Attacknid, but decided it needed just a bit more blue death ray laser. We’ve seen [styroPyro's] high-powered laser hacks before, but this time he’s taken to hacking one of [Jaimie Mantzel's] Attacknid robots. According to one of the top comments on [styroPyro's] video—a comment by Attacknid inventor [Jaimie] himself—the robots were meant to be hacked, and [Jamie] is ecstatic.

[styropyro] removed the disk shooter from his Attacknid and used the fire control circuit to activate a 2 watt blue laser. A low powered, red laser pointer serves as a laser sight, allowing you to aim at your target before unleashing the beefy blue laser. As the video shows, 2 watts is a heck of a lot of power. The Attacknid easily pops balloons and sets fire to flash paper. As usual, we urge you to use caution when handling 2 watt lasers, which fall under Class 4: aka the most dangerous class of lasers. Goggles, skin protection, and safety interlocks are the order of the day. [styroPyro] has been working with high power lasers for a few years, and seems to know what he’s doing. That said, we’ll leave the burning lasers to the professionals.


  1. Richard says:

    not proper eye protection for a blue laser

    might as well not even wear goggles

  2. ejonesss says:

    also remember NEVER point any laser at aircraft as that would be a federal offense and big jail time

  3. ERROR_user_unknown says:

    I, for one, welcome our new evil RC laser overlords.

  4. ERROR_user_unknown says:

    Is it just me or dose that look like an early model cylon ??

  5. rj says:

    It’d be nice to have variable speed on the turret, to make it easier to aim.

    I suspect they’re using a digital RC controller though.

  6. wolfy02 says:

    did anyone else see the iron burn on the floor? am I the only one confused as to how an iron burns a floor?

    btw: shut up and take my cubits you filthy toaster making scum!

    • Phil says:

      If they’re like me, its because they cant be bothered setting up the ironing board so they chose a spot on the floor near a power outlet ;)

    • Bob says:

      My kitcher floor has the melted imprint of a engine rocker cover. Dropped whilst taking out of the oven. Retained heat better than the welding gloves did.

      Once you drop it, picking it up immediately aint gonna matter :)

  7. Um guys, two things: One, put a larger battery on, add a relay, beefier diode. Instant security system of the future. Two, take off three legs, hack in a turret, remodel into portal turret.

    I must have one.

  8. Jake says:

    Oh… I’m not the only person who thinks that it looks like a portal turret… maybe replacing the laser with a red one may help…

  9. Also, you can put a little bottle of gas to build a flamethrower.
    …A kinect detection for an automatic sight should be nice to.
    I have so much crazy ideas for this laser drone.

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