Touring Null Space Labs, Another LA Hackerspace


Null Space Labs prides itself on being the only hackerspace that’s not saving the world. Instead, they focus on more important matters such as repairing an industrial pick and place machine, hoisting laser cutters through third story windows, and generally being extremely awesome. Since some of the Hackaday crew is in LA, we decided to check in on the folks at Null Space, and they graciously granted us a tour.

It’s not an overstatement that Null Space is better stocked than any university EE lab. They have at least four million electronic components, and they honestly have no idea how many different types of components they have. As for tools, a 22 GHz spectrum analyzer and 2 GHz scope are tucked away behind a direct to garment printer. A gigantic laser printer, pro 3D printer, PCB milling and through-hole plating stations, and pick and place machine are just a few more of the fun toys available to Null Space members.

In the video below, [M] walks us through the main electronics work area, filled to the brim with tools and storage cabinets. After that, [arko] shows off the PCB mill and the back room with reels of parts strewn asunder.


  1. Stuky says:

    Video is set to private :(

  2. pcf11 says:

    I have a better electronics library than they do. But I have been collecting those kinds of books since 1975. Today I wish I’d bought more. They’re hard to come by anymore.

    • smea says:

      Would you leave all your hard to come by books at a local hackerspace? No? They don’t either.

      • charliex says:

        Actually i did leave them at my local hackerspace (since that is my library you’re talking about), i brought in my whole tech book collection but it its primarily focus on software, particularly game programming and rendering, since that’s most of my career stuff, they’re all great books too, some of them i’d spent ages digging in book stores to find too.

        there are a lot of electronics books but i don’t have it at the level of programming / graphics ones yet, it’ll get there,

  3. BiOzZ says:

    … hehe jk jk … very nice!

  4. Matt Terndrup says:

    Good choice for a hackerspace tour. I’m eager to check them out soon.

  5. Figureitout says:

    Looks like heaven! Then bust out the solo cups after a successful project, or fail lol.

  6. Dodo says:

    Not better than all university labs, betten than most I have been in though.

  7. dyno tronix says:

    Woohoo NSL!
    So appropriate that the depleted booze table is the lead photo of the article. ;)

  8. rushrules says:

    I got distracted by Rush in the background.

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