Flying Robots Jam Out In a Robotic Orchestra

Flying Robot Symphony

[KMel Robotics] is at it again, this time stealing our hearts with a flying robotic orchestra. It’s an amazing feat of technology and music combined.

We first saw something like this with the swarm playing the James Bond theme, which was impressive in itself — the orchestra has just become a bit more advanced with this latest piece.

Most of the instruments are playable by adding weighted levers with special landing pads for the hexrotors to bounce off of, but we think our favorite instrument is the stringed one — another robot adjusts the tension of the wire to change the pitch, much like a tremolo on a guitar. Couple this with an electric amp and you have some very sleek sounds.

Another instrument of note are the drums, which use a deconstructed and hacked together piano action to play the notes. Stick around to hear the sounds of our new robotic overlords!

They’ve also done an incredibly impressive light show using quadrotors and mirrors!

[Via Hacked Gadgets]


  1. Eirinn says:

    Amazing little flyers. Was worried about the noises coming from the rotors, but I guess they managed to edit those out :)

  2. chuck says:

    Wow! I’m totally going to steal the sliding nut stringed instrument idea.

  3. garym53 says:

    First half was good but the second half was a bit of a yank – I mean wank!

  4. Moser Labs says:

    I dunno… needs more cowbell…

  5. trigger says:

    awesome :'(

  6. ERROR_user_unknown says:

    This sounded human I guess the accumulated mathematical compensation for wind moment allows small timing errors that are equivalent to human inaccuracies. quite impressive indeed.

  7. Kevin says:

    Sounded great at the USA Science and Engineering Festival!

  8. somun says:

    Wonder how they recorded the audio. You’d expect the noise from the hexrotors to suppress anything coming from the bells.

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