Opensource RhinoBOT Is Well Suited For Hacking And Sumo-Robotics!


The RhinoBOT is an open source and 3D printed robot that is fun to build and easy to expand. It can be used for educational purposes or even as a sumobot!

[Miguel Carro] runs a DIY robotics blog at (Spanish — Translated) to help teach kids about robotics using a fun cartoon character named Andy. He’s released all the design files for his latest printbot, the RhinoBOT on Using an Arduino UNO, an IR sensor, two rotational servos, an LED, batteries and a few pieces of hardware, you can build your very own RhinoBOT! That is — if you have a 3D printer.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as [Miguel’s] also created a phone app to let you control your RhinoBOT wirelessly!  And since not all the outputs on the UNO are used, y0u can add extra functionality with a bit of creativity — how about being able to move that dozer! To see what it can do, and to start thinking about what you could do with it, stick around after the break to see it in action!

For another style of 3D printed robot — how about a self-balancing one?

10 thoughts on “Opensource RhinoBOT Is Well Suited For Hacking And Sumo-Robotics!

  1. Huh, last Sunday I was in a local flea-market and got a Parallax Sumobot for less than 4 bucks (approx, I’m not in the US). Just needed to fix a broken power connector. ‘Been tinkering with the little guy for a couple days and while at first seemed “meh, not my thing”, I must admit it’s a hit with kids on the family.

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