Hackaday Links: May 11, 2014


North Korean drones! Yes, your local hobby shop has the same aerial reconnaissance abilities as North Korea. Props to Pyongyang for getting v-tail mixing down.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the look of a well laid out resistor array, and the folks at Boldport have taken this to a new level. It’s an art piece, yes, but these would make fabulous drink coasters.

Here’s something even more artistic. [cpurola] found a bunch of cerdip EPROMs and bent the pins in a weird chainmaille-esque way. The end result is an EPROM bracelet, just in time for mother’s day. It’s a better use for these chips than tearing them apart and plundering them for the few cents worth of gold in each.

[John] still uses his original Xbox for xmbc, but he’d like to use the controllers with his computer. He never uses the third and fourth controller ports, so he stuck those in his computer. It’s as simple as soldering the controller port module to a connector and plugging it into an internal USB port. Ubuntu worked great, but Windows required XBCD.

[Kerry] has modified an FT232 USB/UART thingy as an Arduino programmer before. The CP2102 USB/UART is almost as popular on eBay, a little less expensive, and equally suited for ‘duino programming. It requires desoldering a resistor and soldering a jumper on a leadless package, but with a fine solder tip, it’s not too bad.


  1. Thatcher says:

    IThe North Korean Drones link goes to the Phenox quadcopter YouTube video. If you could switch that, I think the drones would be an interesting read/watch.

  2. North Korean drones? These are Japanese engineers.

  3. ERROR_user_unknown says:

    Those resister “coasters” are an interesting idea. I am thinking a hexagon patters maybe. Maybe a hydrocarbon structurer like methane.

  4. Mojoe says:

    When I click the first link, it goes to a video for the Phenox quad. Is that where it’s supposed to go?

  5. tylerni7 says:

    Looks like the first link to North Korean drones got copy pasted incorrectly.

  6. DainBramage1991 says:

    The resistor art is interesting, but it would be far cooler if they formed functional circuits.

  7. Hirudinea says:

    I like the EPROM bracelet, I used to work at a computer recycler, I could have made a belt! And I think the link to the North Korean drone video is this…

    or this…

  8. R says:

    I like where at 2.24 into the drone video you see a PS2 controller and a Ti launch pad box… Yeah, really unique tech used there :-)

  9. ram41662 says:

    I really like where @ 2.24 into the drone video you see a PS2 controller and a Ti launch pad box on the engineers workbench… Yeah, there’s some unique, high-powered tech there… :-)

  10. birdmun says:

    Re: CP2102 usb-ttl. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32280 covers a different version of the board, and, the hack is similarly simple. Some of the members of LMR just make use of the CP2102 boards as is, and, hit the reset button on the arduino when they are ready to program.

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