DEFCON Shenanigans: Hack the Hackaday Hat

We don’t want to call it a challenge because we fear the regulars at DEFCON can turn our piece of hardware into a smoking pile of slag, but we are planning to bring a bit of fun along with us. I’ll be wearing this classy headgear and I invite you to hack your way into the WiFi enabled Hackaday Hat.

I’ll be wearing the hat-of-many-scrolling-colors around all weekend for DEFCON 22, August 7-10th in Las Vegas. You may also find [Brian Benchoff] sporting the accessory at times. Either way, come up and say hello. We want to see any hardware you have to show us, and we’ll shower you with a bit of swag.

Don’t let it end there. Whip out your favorite pen-testing distro and hack into the hat’s access point. From there the router will serve up more information on how to hack into one of the shell accounts. Own an account and you can leave your alias for the scoreboard as well as push your own custom message to the hat’s 32×7 RGB LED marquee.

You can learn a bit more about the hat’s hardware on this project page. But as usual I’ve built this with a tight deadline and am still trying to populate all the details of the project.


  1. Analog says:

    Love this idea, shame I won’t be able to make it this year.

  2. Mike says:

    This is awesome, I want one.

  3. Malic says:

    Yeah, I do imagine the DEFCON regulars could grab a handful of paperclips, a 555 timer and build a wireless device powered off of lemon slices to hack the Hackaday Hat…

  4. xobmo says:

    Since it is wifi connected, is the web available? And if so, can we try and hack it from where we are (considering you’d hint to the external IP?) Some of us just cannot afford to go to DEFCON.

  5. uC says:

    Looking forward to your posts from DEFCON. It was nice seeing HOPE get coverage.

    How many shirts did you guys give away so far?

  6. Addidis says:

    I can’t be the only one who read this:
    We want to see any hardware you have to show us, and we’ll shower you with a bit of swag.

    as this :
    We want to see any hardware you have to show us, and we’ll shower you with a bit of slag.

  7. Adrian says:

    So I guess you won’t be going then this year… no more DEFCON.

  8. Eric says:

    Working on the dune hashes. No luck yet!

  9. Eric says:

    Well I’ve tried all of the plaintext dune answers with no luck. Let the fuzzing begin!

  10. phaktor says:

    So I didn’t have time at DEFCON to really look at the hashes. but I put them to john when I got home. I’ve only got two so far. ~1 week worth of cracking..

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