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here’s a follow up…poster “zsk009” on the engadget comments says…

the ipods firmware can be updated without restoring the entire ipod, before running the updater follow these steps:

go on your ipod to ipod_control>device>sysinfo
and open the file in wordpad.
find this line of code:

buildID: 0x03028000 (3.0.2)
visibleBuildID: 0x03028000 (3.0.2)

change a number with a lower number

buildID: 0x03018000 (3.0.1)
visibleBuildID: 0x03018000 (3.0.1)

now the updater will think you have firmware version 3.0.1 and will let you update without restoring the entire thing.

this has been tested with 3g and 4g, the example above is 4g, the 3g uses different numbers but its virtually the some thing, just decrease the number. it should also work with other ipods but i’m not sure

(the ipod_control folder is a hidden folder)


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  1. Watch out though, using the wrong text editor can mis-format the page and make your ipod un-mountable (using itunes, ipodservice, and ipod_updater). You can still mount it as a hard drive. So just delete the sysinfo file you edited, then reset the ipod (hold menu and play until it reboots). I did this on my 20gb 3g (used wordpad, d’oh!) and it recovered correctly.

  2. I tried to use the Ipod hack software (linked through this site). I shuffle through the pictures to get to the circle slash. This is around picture #82. It will not let me save to this number.
    Any insights? I have a 15 gig ipod

  3. Confirm the same problem with Photo iPod (update button still greyed out/unusable although the updater says that there is a newer version). Another problem there is that the buildID and visibleBuildID are NOT the same in the sysinfo file and as the Photo iPod is still at version 1.0 to what should I change it? 0.99?
    Thanx a lot for any advice.

  4. buildID: 0x04208000 (4.2)
    visibleBuildID: 0x01208000 (1.2)

    i have a 4g 60gb photo and this is what my sysinfo says. how do i lower the number so i can update instead of restoring?

  5. hi ..,

    i dont know much about ipod, would like to know some details about ipod.
    1. Is it java enabled?.
    2. Is it possible to browse internet using ipod in future?
    3. where to get detailed information about ipod firm ware.

    hope i get some replies for my questions.
    thanks in advance

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