Linux Your Ipod

linux your ipod

jeez, a ton of people must have received ipods over the last month, everyone keeps sending in ipod hacks. here’s one that /. covered earlier, putting linux on your ipod. i had played with this before, but this version is pretty solid, new games, sound, recording, image viewing (see picture above) on 3g ipods, and you can dual boot. it’s kinda cool to dual boot and geek out with some penguin flavored ipod, i suspect all the features not in our ipods now might eventually show up on custom builds like this later.

16 thoughts on “Linux Your Ipod

  1. Hi i got the linux to work on my ipod, I LOVE IT!
    But for some reason i can’t record w/ headphones.
    If your complaining about too many ipod hacks then get off your lazy asses and get one so we all don’t have to listen to your stupid complaints
    You may not see it but a whole lot of people are giving your spam the finger!

  2. help i foun a windows version and i get an error “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive DeviceHarddisk1DR12.” and then it says it did not find an ipod when my ipod works perfect with itunes can someone solve this problem?

  3. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the iPod hacks and mods. the only bad things that happen to the iPods like skrewing them up are due to the ignorance of wannabe hackers, just out there to scam off the people who actually hacked the iPods. For the post#1, all i can say is sorry that your too darn ignorant to think about the consequenses of changing iPods.

  4. In reference to 37:
    I understand that IPods don’t have the same features as all other players but a) I don’t see how that has anything to do with this post. b) you say it being made by Apple is a downside, but yet you promote an audio format made by Microsoft of all places? hmm…
    c)Why, oh why, do I care about FM radio when I have more hours of music than I could possibly ever want and I have full control over it?
    d)In general it is agreed by most sources that IPod still has the best interface and easy to use controls with a fast callup rate for whatever song you might want.

    That being said, Apple is losing their early jump on other companies, I just don’t think many other players are up to IPod’s speed yet, atleast not with the same community support anyway.

  5. I installed linux EASILY on my 4g HP-branded ipod.
    Here’s how: (taken partly off of below website, i suggest you check there for updates)

    1. Go here. (h t t p : / / w w w . i p o d l i n u x . o r g / 4 G _ I n s t a l l e r)

    1.5. and download from any of the 2 sources.

    2. Unzip. You should see a folder named “iPod lin…ler Modded”. Extract to temporary folder.

    2.3. Extract everything else to root of ipod.

    2.45. Extract os.rar to (iPod):OS’s for Multi-podzilla capability, (iPod) is driveletter of ipod.

    2.6. Choose an interface. If you choose a Podzilla GUI, you are not stuck to that podzilla’s features, it just starts to that Podzilla. explained later… I chose viPodzilla.

    2.9. Rename it “podzilla”.

    3. Open the iPod…staller Modded folder, and run ipodlinux-installer.exe.

    3.1. Unchk the “Check for updates” box.

    3.2-3.9. Next>read info>Next>Boot to iPodOS or Linux?>next>Make a backup=yes>next>Wait 4 backup 2 save>Next>w8 4 iPodLinux 2 install>follow any other prompts from installer, then close out.

    4. Eject and disconnect iPod. IT WILL RESET.

    4.2. after the Apple shows up, turn hold on.

    4.3. Tux is listening to the ipod for a brief time, than gets obliterated by flying text. :) When flying text appears, turn hold off.

    4.4. No need to pay attention to the text, because an error can whizz past like a truck on i-95!!! but if it glitches up, has a heart attack, pukes garbage through the LCD, makes piezoelec buzzer sound like 56K Modem, spins the harddisk so fast it flies out of its casing assembly halfway to its factory around china, and/or shows the sad/dead iPod icon, something DEFINITELY went wrong (pause for LOL’s (oops wasnt supposed to say that)). but seriously, if errors happen, check above page on
    i p o d l i n u x . o r g.
    If it freezes up during boot press center select button to send “ENTER”.

    4.5 Podzilla is started. Set preferences in Settings>__ , then click Save once finished.

    4.75. Refer to
    i p o d l i n u x . o r g / 4 G _ I n s t a l l e r
    for more info about the 4th Gen Linux Installer and iPod Linux.
    Adios (Espanol), Sayonara (Nihongo), Aloha (whatever hawaiian is in hawaiian), Zliefqklibdgblnorflqrxmnl (Glibnac-7), QRLMXNUQ2ZHF3MZNFW4(Zarphnon Alpha 2) 01100010 01111001 01100101 (the UNIVacuum of space and machine code, (open notepad and do this to get my message, numbers are typed on numpad): press Alt+098, Alt+121, Alt+101, (The star of Dyle-upp, planet Winmodem) and whateverelse (guess the word) says in different languages!!

    P.S. only click my name if you have a Linksys router as an easy way 2 get into Router Config.

  6. Ok so I did this thought I killed my Ipod because it couldnt even be detected on my computer but theres a solution. Hold enter(the middle button)and menu at the same time and when the apple logo appears hold both rewind and enter then select diskmode

  7. Hey yea i was trying to do that whole thing and it didnt work and i had to reset my ipod, and put my songs back on. no big deal or anything. so now i really would like to do it again, but this time i hope it works, so if anyone could help, like type up a step by step procedure on how to do this exatly, that would really help. or u can email me with suggestions. . thanks


  8. linux worked magic on my ipod. the only crappy part is that the color screen on my 20 gig 4G ipod plus the fancy colors on podzilla and vipodzilla suck the juice rite out of my battery. movies look pretty sweet tho. greatest hack ever and props to the ipod linux team!

  9. Can i put Linux and Podzilla on my ipod if its a 5th Gen. i have the 30g video ipod and i dont want to f#ck it up. and has any of you tried out the iLuv battery pack, it triples your ipods life even if your watching videos!

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