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hackaday links test 2

weather balloons for sale on ebay
360 degree views of the apollo missions
google maps!
beautiful and unique snowflakes
lock picking championship of the world
the definitive mit lockpicking guide
or, heck, safe cracking for computer scientists
hacking the no-fly list
disabling gps network to foil terrorists and probably aid workers
why couldn’t i instant message all day? answer: we ain’t tellin’
meatbops: britain licencing human cloning
searching for bobby phisher
robo scratch dj
mac mini recording studio howto
whoah, another monocycle.  kaneda must be so jealous.  well, maybe not.
mac mini server
looking forward to seeing this
google 302 pagejacking

8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. We get so many good tips each day that we just had to share them!

    Every day we’re going to put out a list of all the great tips we get from the readers… so if you find something cool send us a tip via the tip form up on the top right hand side of the blog.

    all the best, jason (calacanis!)

  2. i just wanted to reiterate that i’ll still be posting a daily hack. that’s what hackaday is all about. every day there is a great hack to read about and, more importantly, think about and get ideas from.

    hackaday links are going to make this even better. this will be just the thing for our daily readers who want the latest hackerly stories. sometimes there are things that i think are really worth reading but don’t quite fit into a traditional hackaday post — hackaday links are the solution.

    the daily hack will be the same excellent stuff, and now you can check back throughout the day for additional inspiration.

    i’m positive this is going to be cool and i’d love to hear what you folks think.

  3. Re: Whoah, another Monocycle
    Well, the Monocycle isn’t new. It is, however, a significant undertaking (a “hack” of a motorbike, if you must…) and this is the first commercially produced version I’ve ever seen. Searching Google for monocycles brings up a few, but mostly French sites covering *unicycles*. Leave it to the French to not know what they have, or have done. Anyway, a site with some good archival photos of mono’s is this [ http://www.dself.dsl.pipex.com/MUSEUM/TRANSPORT/motorwhl/motorwhl.htm ] though it is somewhat slow loading.

  4. I’ve been lurking here for a week or two (love the site by the way), and I can say I was excited to see this additon. the robo-djs made my day, and I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise

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