Hackaday Links

hackaday links test 2

weather balloons for sale on ebay
360 degree views of the apollo missions
google maps!
beautiful and unique snowflakes
lock picking championship of the world
the definitive mit lockpicking guide
or, heck, safe cracking for computer scientists
hacking the no-fly list
disabling gps network to foil terrorists and probably aid workers
why couldn’t i instant message all day? answer: we ain’t tellin’
meatbops: britain licencing human cloning
searching for bobby phisher
robo scratch dj
mac mini recording studio howto
whoah, another monocycle.  kaneda must be so jealous.  well, maybe not.
mac mini server
looking forward to seeing this
google 302 pagejacking

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High Altitude Linux Weather Balloon

weather balloon

“i found it in my cow pasture, buried in the snow. i was riding my 4 wheeler.”  that’s what the postcard said when it returned to me after i sent it up with a helium balloon a couple weeks ago.  it traveled roughly 100 miles.

but i digress.

james meehan’s story began quite similarly, but he decided to take his balloon fascination to a much more fascinating and hackerly level.  follow the link to read about how he designed and constructed his linux powered weather balloon, complete with gps, packet radio uplink, and video camera.  he says it’s the coolest thing he’s ever done.  i can’t really vouch for what else he’s done, but this project is pretty darn cool.

when you’ve finished marvelling at this hack, make sure to also check out the home brew, high altitude glider we wrote about a while back.  i love this high altitude mischief.  if you know of similar projects, send ’em in!

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