hackaday links

hackaday links

more details on how google maps works
sleep with your nintendo controller
smartphone motion dectector
saturn in blue
cassini multimedia archive
and raw images from the huygens probe
the end of the hubble?
techno + tron video samples + midi step ladder
secure your wireless email in osx: ssh tunneling overview
neal stephenson on science and the economy, past, present and future
howto: cure cancer
tracking kids with rfid.  also good for livestock.
usa today discovers podcasting. so can you.
display ie favorites in your start menu
hacker revolution

Note: These links are not paid and our not for sale. Any advertising on HackADay is clearly labeled. These are links that our readers have sent in that we thought  the HackADay crew would like to check out.

10 thoughts on “hackaday links

  1. We don’t get paid for these links, they are 100% editorial!!!

    We get about 50 tips a day… so since we think they’re cool, we don’t want those great links to sit in four people’s in box when we could share them!

  2. What’s “beta” about hack-a-day? Are we trying to be like google? You aren’t that cool. hack-a-day got cool for about 2 weeks… now it’s lame again. I agree with a few above, put those links on the side… but put the cool ones; not ones like, “howto: cure cancer” “tracking kids with rfid, also good for livestock.” WTF???

  3. I have to agree, the links are plain annoying in with the flow of the regular content. They really need to be put elsewhere.
    Maybe a “hackaday links” link at the bottom of the daily hack a day.

    And really, Jason, can you *please* let us use capital letters? Please?

  4. hi folks. the links i put up are entirely based on user submissions and a few articles that i think are relevant and which i think you would be interested in reading.

    i really appreciate all of your feedback. we’ll be working out the kinks, so please hang in there and keep the comments and ideas coming.

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