hackaday links

hackaday links

more details on how google maps works
sleep with your nintendo controller
smartphone motion dectector
saturn in blue
cassini multimedia archive
and raw images from the huygens probe
the end of the hubble?
techno + tron video samples + midi step ladder
secure your wireless email in osx: ssh tunneling overview
neal stephenson on science and the economy, past, present and future
howto: cure cancer
tracking kids with rfid.  also good for livestock.
usa today discovers podcasting. so can you.
display ie favorites in your start menu
hacker revolution

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howto: geocaching with google and terraserver

terraserver hackaday headquarters
if you’re into geocaching, terraserver and google maps can be your greatest allies.  well, maybe second greatest, right after your trusty gps receiver.  with terraserver, you can pull up hires satellite photos and topo maps of just about everywhere in the continental us.  with google maps, you can easily pull up a road map and driving directions.

however, one thing i noticed when google maps launched was that it’s interface is conspicuously lacking a lat/lon entry field.  it turns out there are a couple of query parameters that you can use to pull up coordinate based maps.  with this info, you can make a simple form to pull up both map results for a given latitude/longitude combination, which should hopefully be a handy tool for your next gps treasure hunt.  continue reading to see how this works.

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