A Better Wifi Antenna

deep dish antenna

here’s a guide for making an antenna for your access point that beats the pringles can on a number of fronts.  it’s easier to assemble, requires no pigtail and no modification to your ap, and it is claimed to have better perfrmance characteristics.

the reflector design was originally intended to increase privacy, but the nice side effect is that it dramatically increases gain in the direction it is facing:

power normally transmitted in that direction is “bounced” forward.  Therefore you have more control of where your signal is going when using this reflector. That feature of this antenna can be used to enhance the privacy of your wireless network and that was my reason for designing it in the first place, the rest is just gravy but it is very real and rather tasty gravy.  :)  Please also note that antenna gain is preferable to amplifier gain because it adds to both transmitted and received power.

the best part is that you can make one basically for free.  grab some aluminum foil, cardboard, and a scissors and get to work.

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  1. Acemilo ! i am sure in the time it took for you to reply like that, you could have sent them a better hack for the day, link :-) why not show us what your into ? or find a link for a day

  2. I want to get started with a hobby in electronics. I have an MS in CS, so I wouldn’t mind learning a little microprocessor programming as well…

    Anyway, a few questions.
    What sort of tools will I need?
    I know I’ll need a soldering iron and multimeter. Suggestions on these that work well at a decent (or cheap) price?
    Any good resources (websites or books) for a beginner like me?
    Anything else I should know?


  3. did this to my router, got 10db improvement at 100ft. went from kinda connected to pretty good. i used the cardboard from the box the linksys came in and a couple of soda cans for the reflectors.

  4. this is in orielys wireless hacks Not New It works but pringles can the best or make a conection in your heating and cooloing duct with type N-contector use your whole HAV duct system as a huge ant. use the sys concept as pringles can. I use my laptop any where in house and around the yard working on mod for a repeater to make signal go farther.

  5. Of course these small reflectors best suit the AP WiFi server! They’d perhaps beter work in conjunction with a client side antenna such as celebrated USB Asian cookware signal boosters that show 12-15dB gain. See => http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz

    N.B. Although these indeed work well for most APs, the downside is that the omnidirectional signal usually desired for many WiFi applications (offices, libraries, campuses, wandering PDA etc) will be weakened in some directions. They could be ideal in a home however, since links are then likely just to a few indoor locations – study etc.

  6. I tested this with a crapy put together one made of cardboard for the half circles and a sheet of aluminum (from disposable baking sheets) and I tested and noted results. I have the router and reciever about 75 feet apart with walls in between.
    2=With but I focused it off line
    3=With but focused away from spot
    (all in percent) Used a wireless g/b netgear router with wireles b adaptor

    1 2 3
    85 67 27
    75 62 32
    75 67 50
    77 75 45
    80 65 47
    77 67 50
    77 60 47
    65 62 50
    75 65 47
    80 65 47

  7. i have a notebook w/ 802.11b. usually i go to a coffee shop to have a free access on their wi-fi, considering that the shop is about 100+ meter away from my house, will this project help me to connect on their internet connection without leaving my house? pls enlighten me. thank you

  8. hey ppl i would like install a gain wifi antenna to my inspiron 9300, it come with a intel pro wifi 2200….i dont know how going to work a new antenna external….some one tellme what can i do to increase my radio a lot and keep my mobility…im talking of max. 150 us…sorry my english is bad…thx

  9. At first i thought it wasen’t working and a load of sh(weight can i curse) but i knew it was doing something when my segnal went from 55% to 25% so i kept playing with it and made it quite focased and now my neighbor gets a 75% signal striength. i just had a non workable shape at first and then pointed in the wrong direction.

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