Hackaday Links

hackaday links
if you’re set on pringles cans, you can build the deep dish from one as well
there are pictures of other people’s dish reflectors here
homemade omni-directional antenna howto
chinese parabolic cookware antenna
the traditional cantenna

hacker pranksters attack burger king wireless intercom and perform valuable public health service

you may have already seen this on slashdot, but it’s really quite a nice hack:
pc controlled popcorn popper to coffee roaster hack

people really love the usb battery and have been sending me their own creations:
this one on ebay is cool.  an on/off switch and led have been added.
altoids tin 9 volt phone charger
i cant believe how popular those altoids tin cases are.

snorkelson macburp sent us a link to some cool diy science toys and also won the prize for wierdest handle ever.

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  1. I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me how to add teh switch and LED to the altoid charger, so here’s the glossed over way to do it:

    Hook up is identical to the regular altoid charger with the exception of the LED and switch being installed inline with the positive line of the battery and then to the input leg of the 7805. If you read the specs on the LED the regulator is put on the neutral leg- in this case the 7805 acts as the resitor instead of a small film resistor. Use an LED that works with 5V otherwise it’ll burn out. the switch is a small slider with 3 legs, I cut one leg off. I put the center leg as the neutral line. and the other as the hot. The hot line linked to the battery and the center to the LED. the rest of the hook up is as normal.

    hope that helps anyone who wants to add the led and switch. I realize now that I should have used a toggle switch rather than the weak slider. but since I was looking for something that could be kelpt in a pants pocket I thought a toggle would switch on and off in my clutter pants pockets.

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