Cheap Diy Teleprompter

diy teleprompter

this hack is a prime example of how to make something useful out of something useless.

the $1 teleprompter:

  • 1 clear cd case cover

  • 6 cd cases

  • scotch tape

just set this contraption on top of a laptop screen and the clear cd cover reflects the laptop screen in your direction.  your webcam is positioned just behind the cd cover, so your line of sight is aimed directly at the camera.

several of you sent this in, but kris was the first.  thanks!

18 thoughts on “Cheap Diy Teleprompter

  1. I can’t think of a good use for a teleprompter for a non-newscaster though except for video blogs or something (which I don’t think sound very nifty)… and it certainly doesn’t *LOOK* cool. So, unless I could think of something else to do with it that was really cool, I don’t think my friends would be impressed. :P Still, saving $999 is always good.

  2. Actually, this solves a problem I’ve been bothered by for years now, one that has nothing to do with teleprompting.

    In video conferencing, especially with a friend, it’s incredibly annoying that you can’t look into each other’s eyes. Talking to someone who is constantly looking at the ground ruins much of the fun for me. But with something like this, you can watch the image and have the camera right behind it–problem solved. Maybe I’ll go rig something up with my iSight and see…I can already a foresee a few geometry issues, but I think it should be pretty doable.

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