Portable Atari 2600

atari 2600 portable

benjamin heckendorn of portable playstation 2 fame has been working on a prototype for a mass produced portable atari 2600, code named ‘phoenix’.

it has a 3.5″ screen, takes 6 aa batteries, uses standard atari game cartridges, and will someday allow me to play hours and hours of joust and moon patrol on international flights.

ben recently started a phoenix blog to help us stay on top of the latest phoenix development news.  thanks for the tip jesse!

7 thoughts on “Portable Atari 2600

  1. if you guys are interested in trying to portiblize your favorite system, check out his forums for lots of great help. my S/n is “monster” and i’m trying to do a N64 portible, codename “p64”

  2. the strange thing is i come to this site everyday and ben was over to check the progress of the case for the new mass production model cause i am helping him with it…and i hit the hack a day button on my toolbar and the first thing i saw was an old model….that was crazy stuff…i was like ben look it is about you and we were actually talking about it right as a opened the page….crazy stuff…but thats life…i have known ben for almost 10 years now….so i got to see some of the first portables he made which werent really portables in the present sense but the new model is coming along quite nicely so the fans wont be disappointed….

  3. dogmir,
    that story is too funny. i’m so jazzed to hear you and ben read hackaday regularly. we’re all looking forward to seeing the latest and greatest portable masterpiece, so make sure to send us a line when you have an update.

    keep up the great work!

  4. I just wanted to say I have recently bought one of the new portible Atari Phoenix’s and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the coolest thing I own and it would be the first thing I’d save if my apartment were to uhh, catch fire or something… oh no, now I’m getting worried… GREAT UNIT! BUY ONE!!

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