Hackaday Links – Portable Gaming Edition

hackaday links
for today’s links, i thought it would be a kick to round up all hacks portable gaming related.  several of these you may have seen before, several of them you may not have, but they are all worth investigating and may serve as some inspiration and technical instruction for your own portable gaming project.

benheck’s portables:
atari 2600 vagabond 2000
atari 2600 mass produciton prototype (phoenix)
playstation 2 portable
n64 portable

other portable conversions:
another cool n64 portable
ladyada’s gamegrrl

extend your portable:
ultimate gba game console
gameboy advance gps
gba robotics kits

gameboy programming
gba programming
ds programming

and, of course:
hackaday on your playstation portable
you can use our psp portal here

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