Hack a Honda/Acura Navigation System

Acura Honda

if you have 2 MDXs, and NSX, and an RSX like we do, this might be for you! seriously check it out. honda and Acura have their little built in GPS navigation screens to help guide you to wherever…well that’s gotta look boring after about 1000 miles, so spice it up with some customade skins. there is even a blue screen of death background, which is a wonderful thing. you’ll need a program called dumpnavi¬† that will let you change it. there’s little documentation but the source code is right there. it’d be cool to see some BMWS, infinitis, and other luxury cars hacked.

There is a GUI version, a console version, and good ol’ source code. pick your poison and if anyone actually….wants to try this, please let us know! thanks [pantz]

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