Hack a Honda/Acura Navigation System

Acura Honda

if you have 2 MDXs, and NSX, and an RSX like we do, this might be for you! seriously check it out. honda and Acura have their little built in GPS navigation screens to help guide you to wherever…well that’s gotta look boring after about 1000 miles, so spice it up with some customade skins. there is even a blue screen of death background, which is a wonderful thing. you’ll need a program called dumpnavi  that will let you change it. there’s little documentation but the source code is right there. it’d be cool to see some BMWS, infinitis, and other luxury cars hacked.

There is a GUI version, a console version, and good ol’ source code. pick your poison and if anyone actually….wants to try this, please let us know! thanks [pantz]

91 thoughts on “Hack a Honda/Acura Navigation System

  1. I tried to make a backup copy of my DVD version 2.3 to no avail. I made an ISO and burned it to a single sided, dual layered DVD, but the 2002 Odyssee doesn’t see it. Any ideas?


  2. I’d like to know if it is possible to modify the built in navigation system of the 2006′ accord tourer to watch dvd. May be there is a simple modification to be done by soldering a module or flashing a new firmware. can anyone help me? any suggestions?

  3. I’d like to know if it is possible to modify the built in navigation system of the 2006′ accord tourer to watch dvd. May be there is a simple modification to be done by soldering a module or flashing a new firmware. can anyone help me? any suggestions?

  4. I have Honda 2003 with Navi which has the orange Navi DVD I tried the new version DVD from my friends car but its a blue color DVD and when I try it, it says incorrect DVD see the dealer. Is there any way I can use this Blue color DVD?

  5. I was wondering how to use my U.S. spec 2004 Honda Odyssey Honda Navigation system in Europe? Right now, according to my Navi, I’m floating along in the ocean. How can I get ahold of some European maps, and make them work with my system? Thanks.

  6. I have a `2004 Honda Accord EX-L NAV & want to know if there is in fact a way get the system to play DVD’s through my Navigation/Audio/Climate control screen? Anyone have any ideas? I have an in-dash 6-CD changer w/ the dvd/map player mounted factory in the trunk which also has a PC Card Slot built into the assembly!

    Also is there a know hack to change my Background on the screen?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. I have got an Honda Integra Type S 2005 and the acumulator has been changed recently. Afterwards, the navigation system and the tape didnt work. I think it needs CD or software to reload the necessary specifications for the tape. Does anybody know where to find the software for the tape. The mark is: GATHERS. gokhan.iskifoglu@emu.edu.tr

  8. hi i bought a honda accord exl 2007 with navi .I was wondering is there a way for the navi system to play dvd’s ? your comments are much appreciated look forward in hearing your responce !

  9. I,m in need of the dvd rom that comes with the honda accord CL7 or type R model 6 diskin dash navigation system (after disconnecting the batter the touch screen when out and need to be reset)……….

  10. I have Honda CL-7 2002 model. I have imported this car from Japan and every thing is in Japanese language Could any one tell me how to find the DVD to reprogram a 6 disk in dash touch screen navigation system, or how can i change the language for navigation system to english. Also i want to know if there is a way to use the DVD rom for DVD based movies etcc……

  11. I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Model. I moved to Australia and, of course, my GPS navigation system no longer displays the correct map. Any idea whether I can download the right maps of Australia and have them inserted into my navigation systems? And if so, where can I get those maps?

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



  12. Was wondering I have an 2004 Acura TL,navi orange disc, has anyone tried using the new Live traffic link disc on the TL from like a 07-08 TL? I am gonna buy the 07-08 disc but dont wanna spend 185 and it doesnt work in my year? my TL doesnt have the live traffic link part in the navigation??

  13. I need a map for accord 2006 navi sys

    I bought accord 2006 4 cylinders 4d with navigation system from US , I use it now in middle east but I can’t see maps so I bought pc card with 2GB SD memory card to install the new map in it. I want to know which file type my unit can read of if I can put a map from GARMIN, TOMTOM, MAJILAN or others
    advice me

  14. I imported a Hinda Accord cl7 from Japan. I changed teh battery and as a result, the touch screen no longer works. There is a green bar in japanese which I do not understand. I do not have the original dvd for the car. How do I get the screen to start functioning again??

    Please help..

  15. i hav this acura tsx 2005.. and we hav a built in navigation system thing.. i went to clean the battery or somthing and the whole thing i think reseted and now it is asking for a 4 digit pin number.. wat should i do?? if anyone knows plz leave a msg! plz plz plzwat should i do.. our navigation cd is A honda 2003 navigation cd.. can anyone plz help me!

  16. I have a honda Accord CL 9 with NAV however the whole thing is in JAPANESE. There is a Phone Icon where I would like to connect my Bluetooth Phone. Can you anyone guide me how to do it? since it is in Japanese theres no way I can figure out which buttons to press.

  17. I have a Honda Inspire 1999 (Japanese) I’ve been able to work the TV but can’t figure out how or if I can work the DVD. Having problems setting the clock as well. If you know what to do please offer any suggestions. Thanks!!

  18. i have a Honda odyssey 1998 (Japanese). i disconnected battery by my car. after navigation not working. i need 1998 honda odyssey navigation system
    disk. where i can download it. please help me.

  19. I am currently located in the Middle East and I have a Tahoe model 2005 imported from the United States but, unfortunately, the navigation system does not work because of the DVD CD only for USA and Canada how I can prepare new DVD with maps of the Middle East

  20. i have an acura tl 1999, it show on the screen like “go to the dealer”. my pcmcia hard drive have problem. i need to know how to get software or rom and to reisntall it again or i thinking to buy a solid state drive PCMCIA but i need to know hot to get the software o maps o rom what ever?????!!!!thx

  21. I have a 2005 Honda Accord with a Navi. The DVD player failed and now I have NO information on the screen. The dealer wants $1800 to replace the DVD player! ebay has used players for $390. There is a PC Card slot. Is there a way to put the files on a PC card to run the navi????


  22. I have a 2004 CL9 JDM spec, no SAT NAV disc in the car so I only have this green block asking for the disc, at least that’s what I think as it’s all in Japanese…anyone have a disc to sell or I’ll even accept give aways…


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