27 thoughts on “Turn A G4 Cube Into A G5 Cube

  1. Well, its… different. I can’t read the japanese characters on the site though :(

    That is a very original and cool hack.

    The title is a bit misleading. I think he made a g5 cube. I don’t think he turned an old g4 cube into a g5 cube.

  2. Thank to my Sherlock, can’t promise that it’s perfect Translation. I can give first page of what it said.

    “With design of POWER Mac G5 we would like to make Cube, – no ?
    thought, the frame probably will be made, how it tried beginning.
    First from the measurement of Cube… it started measuring size with
    height gauge.

    Ahead this how it keeps cooking, don’t you think? it is the pleasure.

    * It is? Why, making the frame applying? Even, the buying ? ??
    ? it is me G5 you cannot buy call to certain, from around, it is –
    it is (; _; ) To that, while having made such a ? ?, such a ones
    are sold seem don’t you think? and, it is stimulated and the ??
    ? it is it is.”

  3. I think the front panel (the mostly perforated panel) was originally entirely perforated, and the builder actually filled in some of the holes around the edges and cutouts. That’s a pretty good hack for making custom perforated panels without a mill or going mad with a drill press.

  4. Wow!
    That link was the biggest letdown of the week. The sad thing is that i was expecting a _real_ hack where someone took a g5 and either cramed it into the cube or made a mod so that the g4 was swaped for a g5. Man just building a mini itx case is nice but lame.

    Sorry hack-a-day but i think i now can say. Bummer. your ratings are in the tube. (Sorry to raise that flag but you really need a redeeming hack soon. Something major hardcore.)

  5. Hal, we are waiting for you super redeeming hack sumbmission first.

    And the title isn’t at all misleading. Just a bit weirdly worded.

    The only thing that they don’t explain is how the guy covered the aluminum mesh holes like that. My Power Mac 6500 could use a new case after 15 years.

  6. “Sorry hack-a-day but i think i now can say. Bummer. your ratings are in the tube.”

    You know what? Everyone who’s been threatening to leave for the past two months- go ahead. Just stop visiting if you don’t like it. Please. No one will miss your whining.

  7. what is a troll ?
    An Internet troll is either a person who sends messages on the Internet hoping to entice other users into angry or fruitless responses, or a message sent with such content. The term derives from the phrase “trolling for newbies” and ultimately from trolling for fish; it first appeared on Usenet. The term is frequently abused to slander opponents in heated debates and is frequently misapplied to those who are ignorant of etiquette.

    if you don’t coment or reply, what fun is there
    in it for them ? they will move on.

  8. i have about 4 www sites that i check on
    every day and some about 1 time a week
    when i have time, this is one i check on when i have beer :-) most of these hack/mods aren’t my
    thing but still gets me thinking about something. why not post some links or better projects in the threads.

    i want to play with pics but without having to
    buy a programmer that i will use only for 1 chip or spend $35 on a chip, anyway thats what
    i’m interested in at the moment.
    what is every one else into ?

  9. Dan, you can make programmers for cheap, which work for multiple pics, and most pics arn’t expensive, unless you need like lots of features. If you’re a beginner try the 16F84 series, as they seem to be the best suited for beginners.

  10. Nice attention to detail… I like to see that kind of craftsmanship.

    I doubt anyone will make their own but he could have inspired someone to do something crazy with their own case desing. I’m a machinist and I might just have to try and make my own whackomatic case.

  11. “#17 – The only thing that they don’t explain is how the guy covered the aluminum mesh holes like that.”

    Looks like he used the mesh for a template and drilled the plastic face. That would have taken a while…:(

  12. How could you fit a G5 in a case like that, currently all G5s need water-cooling which is why there isn’t a PowerBook G5, or a MacMini G5. Hopefully soon Apple will release the new chips that are in the works, that aren’t so inneficiant.

  13. Do you research, man. Only the DP 2.5GHz G5 requires “water” cooling. The lower processor G5s all use fans still.

    I’ve seen this about a year or two back though. Still a neat mod.

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