Gameboy Belt Buckle

gameboy belt buckle

oh yeah. this is what the world needs next in mass production. now before you start yelling at me over belt buckles and nintendo’s obsession with them, let me point out this is not the NES belt buckle you all saw awhile back (though both are insanely cool and nostalgic) nor is this the game boy floppy disk drive we showed you. this is the work of an artist and hacker. one that isn’t afraid to make a statement with a working game boy strapped on as a belt buckle. the link provided shows you the play by play of how it’s made and how it’s applied and chromed out. within hours you’ll be sporting your bling bling belt buckle in all it’s nintendo glory. plus, take it to parties and insist that chicks play some link’s awakening and if they don’t get you past the first dungeon, there will be consequences. thanks [FRANKLI]

27 thoughts on “Gameboy Belt Buckle

  1. //Wow, I can glue a gameboy on a belt, and it makes Hackaday? Sad.

    Perhaps. But you didn’t *DO* it, did you? That makes you more lame than -anyone- who actually builds something.

    While I think it’s… odd, it’s still unique, and fairly funny. I’ll never actually do this, but I think it’s great.
    To all the complainers out there, submit something better or be quiet.

  2. yeah i too make nes and snes belt buckles along with nes cartridges, but velcroing things to your pants isnt really a hack. i can velcro many things to my pants with great ease, why dont i just stick velcro on the back of my ipod and its a buckle bam, same thing with my cellphone, or a lunchbox.

  3. “But you didn’t *DO* it, did you? That makes you more lame than -anyone- who actually builds something.”

    Er…no. NOT gluing a gameboy on a belt actually makes you far cooler than somebody who has.

    You got it backwards, you see.

  4. Like ppl said, “gluing a gameboy 2 ur belt dosnt make u cool.” i have an old GB color. i will look into some other ways to do this, so it holds up your pants AND is cool. *just an idea-wouldn,t it be cool if u cud take it off and play whenever u wanted to?? just an idea*

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