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after a heavy night of drinking, we’re back with hackaday links! this time, we bothered to go out and pick up some brand new ones from the store. they’re plump and fresh and ready for reading!

the poor man’s xbox live [andrew]

if you’re really desperate, go for the homemade bat detector [jock]

creating art with sand has gone to a new level. i wish i had seen this last night (yeah it’s that cool)

a very nice automated bartender! from a student no less! nice work [nick]
the dish network busts out GNU source code. have at it.
10 year nuclear battery – nuff said.

ooh. noise shirts with wireless audio monitoring. machine washable!

i’ve started work on the podcast! send material in through the “Tips” form we have at http://www.hackaday.com/tips

7 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. That sand thing doesn’t hold a candle to what Tibetan monks can make. They made a sand mandala at the Anchorage Museum and I got to see it. Seeing that alone was worth the entire 100 mile trip. Looking around google under “sand mandala” brought up http://www.ackland.org/art/exhibitions/buddhistart/construction.htm which shows pictures of them making one for some other museum. But yeah, Tibetan sand mandalas could casually karate chop those in half.

  2. I have the BEST HACK OF ALL
    Could it get any better
    (there doing this because of the finger thing)

  3. hah! what #1 said is exactly what I was going to go on about. I saw some monks make a mandela too, only it was a city half an hour away. bloody crazy what they can do with a few days and some prayers.

  4. re: the sand thing
    I was checking my web page hits, and figured there must be a mistake. You have a few readers!

    Just to be clear– I had no intention of trying to upstage the artform so beautifully created by Tibetan monks. Think about it: two stepper motors and a computer program vs. ten or so very inspired humans.

    Thanks for the mention.

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