Cat-5 Speaker Cables

cat5 speaker cable

Braiding 108 individual copper strands together is not my idea of fun, blistering my hands in the process isn’t a bonus either. If you’ve spent enough money on your audio system to even begin to think that the cables are the weak link in the chain, this is the project for you. Chris VenHaus starts with 14 lengths of Cat-5, strips off the jackets, and then braids the twisted pairs three at a time until the whole mess becomes one cable. That’s just one though, you’re going to have to do another one for the negative side. It does take some time, but it will get you out of paying the huge premium on audiophile quality cables and you’ll end up with very competitive sounding cables. I would try this, but my Aiwa shelf system with the masking tape across the changer tray probably wouldn’t benefit that much from an upgrade. Of course if someone makes a DIY braiding machine I’d be all over this.

[thanks sine~language]

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Hackaday Links


while waking up today and thinking of hacker culture and music that’s associated with it, i had a profound revelation: i should get breakfast and cook up some links. yes.

a sweet link to start with! DIY home control lcd panel [ken]
build your own skype phone [christoffer]
pong keeps evolving. somehow. [carpespasm]
turn that old milli vanilli mixtape into a usb cassette tape! [mcr]
someone wanna explain how the japanese are getting away with this one?

this has to be the most ghetto flashlight in the world. [injulen]
for you pc users with geforces and pipelines [brandon]
make your own not-so-ghetto segway [jordan]

and by the way, if this e-mail address looks familiar then your pal sahil at requested that we hack your yahoo id. be sure to thank him. <3

in fact. going through the mass ammount of emails you guys have sent me, you’re so in for it for the podcast. we probably wont have time to go through every one.

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