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while waking up today and thinking of hacker culture and music that’s associated with it, i had a profound revelation: i should get breakfast and cook up some links. yes.

a sweet link to start with! DIY home control lcd panel [ken]
build your own skype phone [christoffer]
pong keeps evolving. somehow. [carpespasm]
turn that old milli vanilli mixtape into a usb cassette tape! [mcr]
someone wanna explain how the japanese are getting away with this one?

this has to be the most ghetto flashlight in the world. [injulen]
for you pc users with geforces and pipelines [brandon]
make your own not-so-ghetto segway [jordan]

and by the way, if this e-mail address looks familiar sanam_100002000@yahoo.com then your pal sahil at mr_sahil_sco@yahoo.com requested that we hack your yahoo id. be sure to thank him. <3

in fact. going through the mass ammount of emails you guys have sent me, you’re so in for it for the podcast. we probably wont have time to go through every one.

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Japanese cardboard cases have been around for a while. This link and the others have been around for over 2 years! The pictures are missing a outer box that goes over the case to make it complete.

    A year ago I took a cheap Syntax S8601MP and put it inside a hexagonal cardboard bin I brought for $1.49 at one of those Japanese 99c Plus’s in NYC. I cut out holes for the shield and poked two holes out in front for the power button. I was even able to fit a laptop DVDrom drive inside, powersupply, the whole works. If I can still find pictures of it I’ll post it up at my site. OS? Xandros.

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    Posted May 26, 2005, 2:41 PM ET by barrny fafarny this is what I do not understand, why aren

  3. barrny & craash420,
    Vince posts pretty much everything that comes in. If I don’t grab something for a feature it ends up here. That being said, I probably would have used the skype phone if I had seen it in time. I don’t think the rest of the links really need a full post for various reasons: case mods are not hacks, widely covered old links, slashdot covered new links, lazy afternoon simple. The speaker wire tip was the only one I’ve used for a feature recently. If you’ve got quality stuff send it in and I’ll be more than happy to dedicate a post to it. You could also be like Christoffer, who put up the skype phone page because he’s a fan of hackaday and wanted to give something back.

  4. The skype phone is cool but very limited, because don’t you have to be at your pc to initiate calls? And surely using a bluetooth dongle and headset would be simpler if not handier as it is hands free?

  5. yeah, but using a bluetooth dongle is not a hack, where hacking an old phone is. But is it still a hack if I use a scope to do the job properly rather than just poke around with an audio source? I think I’ll actually do this hack, I have an old phone that’s pretty busted.

    All the Skype guys need to do to support gear like this, is listen for DTMF tones on the mic input. That would result in homebrew/commercial phones galore, and probably a large popularity jump for the service. Listening, skype?

  6. Re:dtmf tones.

    Couldn’t one just make a small program to listen on the mic line for the tones and then interact with the skype app via the api?

    Maybe it could listen for a certain combo to initiate a call “555” and then the rest of the tones for the area code and number

  7. What would be even more hackier is to make a program that, like said above, listens to the tones. You’d then just type in a phonenumber, and the app would fetch the phonenumber from your adressbook and see if that person is only in skype, if it is, it would connect to it via skype.

    If it is not, however, it would figure out what would be the cheapest: using skypout (e.g. if it’s international, or not mobile), or using the standard phoneline (e.g. if it’s local, or mobile), and then connect with the appropriate service. It’d be costsaving!

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