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hey guys, hope all is well in this wicked heat! eliot did a very nice week in review and it should be checked out. also, thanks for everyone wishing me to get better with my teeth. i got them pulled out yesterday morning and 90% of the pain is gone already and i’m even able to eat french fries and stuff like that. i am still a bit out of it though so i’m giving you guys 5 awesome links that you should enjoy. tomorrow i should be back to normal enough and i’ll be working on the next howto. so thanks again for your concern eliot, jason, and all you readers out there. i really appreciate it.

make yourself a usb cigarette lighter! [joe]

barstool racing. forget boxcars, this is whats up. [prozack]

iChat on your television, if your monitor goes i suppose.

this is awesome! make your own fog machine!

NES controller now on usb! stylin! [brad604]

Thanks for bearing with the short links people, keep reading and next week be on the lookout for the CVS camcorder!

7 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. The cigarette lighter is a bit dumb. I can deal with pointless, pointless is cool.

    Stupid however… eh. :)

    Lets see… Off the top of my head, I’d say a cigarette lighter (I assume being a nichrome wire type deal?) draws around 8-12 amps. @12v thats in the 96->144 watt range…

    Most 300watt -> 350watt (at least the two I have :P Anecdotal evidence will suffice in this case) PSU’s allow a max of 10 amps on the 12v line. I can easily see him overloading his PSU, not to mention the additional heat, most of which probably goes into the case….

  2. I have a cigarette lighter that I connected to an empty molex. My phone charger stay plugged into it, there are no heat issues, even when using the lighter. My PSU is 150 watts, and everything seems to be doing fine, as it has been running close to a year with it. I noticed the start and select buttons are missing from that controller, I think it’s a hub and not an actual functional controller.

  3. Yes, I’ve seen commercial kits that allow that addition of a cig lighter so it is doable.

    Advisable however????

    I agree, it’s beating the crap out of the power supply to heat a coil.
    However, if you need a cig lighter THAT close, you’re probably not worried about the buildup of tar and crap all over your -everything anyway.
    Take a look at the internals of a tobacco smoker’s PC.

    Oh I’m not worried about the person’s insides, they make that call for themselves, but that poor PC!!!

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