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ahh, smell that? no not west philly, these links I have here! I’m back from the market with a fresh batch just for you guys along with a bunch of rants and raves!

If you haven’t seen batman begins, you gotta. violence is pretty tight.

Use your mac mini to make

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Actually, it would rock if there was a webcam embedded into the opposite side of the case from the monitor. Then, when the webcam is fullscreen on the monitor, it’d be like you were looking through the case. that wouldn’t be too tough with some creative coding. :)

  2. Dude! My friend had the same idea with the webcam in the case. Everybody I talked to thought it was ridiculous, but the idea’s grown on me. Still… what would the point be? Is there any? Either way, I wanna do that when I’m rich.

  3. ummmmmm, in windows media player, if you turn video accerlation to none, you can use printscreen and paste it in paint, omg thats so free! not a hack, just understanding how things work!

  4. I want to access audio data used by media player to display the “particles” visualization.

    I want to tap into the data that makes the particles move and pipe it into something else – specifically hardware to create a physical, musical instrument.

    I searched the web but can’t find anything.
    Please help.

  5. hey. i have a net cafe and i’m looking forward some tutorials or sites that show me how can i tweak a pc and make it a multistation pc. multistation pc is a cpu with 4 monitors. which make every monitor behave like an independent cpu

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