Staff Of Doom

walking stick

Yeah, I nearly labeled it “Staff of doomed social life”. John, a Penn state undergrad, whipped together this glowing walking stick. Okay “whipped’ is an understatement; he bothered to model it in Rhino before assembly. So, if you’re bored with building lightsabers or you’re just tired of the balrogs in your basement this is the project for you. Keep up the good work John and for your sake I hope I don’t see “gandalfkid.wmv” in my inbox anytime soon.

[thanks Deepomega]

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Hackaday Links


ahh, smell that? no not west philly, these links I have here! I’m back from the market with a fresh batch just for you guys along with a bunch of rants and raves!

If you haven’t seen batman begins, you gotta. violence is pretty tight.

Use your mac mini to make