Hackaday Monday Sipping

monday sipping

hello los amigos! it’s monday, rainy, crappy, and disgusting outside! so looks like it’s up to us to keep you entertained. because today we most certainly will. i must insist we start off with some fresh links.

this is amazing. i can’t believe it even exists and the cost to make it is nearly nothing if you have a kinkos or fedex store near you. this dude makes furniture out of fedex boxes. that’s so awesome!
thanks for that one [mlynx]

also, the next hackaday podcast will be coming out soon, but not this week. why? because:
a. vince has finals for summer classes thursday. b. live 8 is saturday.

but, the week after that is looking mighty good. so keep your eyes peeled like certain fruits.

it also seems there’s a psp homebrew petition going around. check it out if you want, but it’s pretty much a waste of time. i mean, look how limited net yaroze was. [steyr]

and did you happen to catch the wake n bacon alarm clock on engadget yesterday? mmmm, greasy goodness….for non-jews of course.

make a solar powered generator for “$300”. hey, worth a shot if you really need it. [rufus]

great for a lot of reasons, add extra connectors to ide cables. [sonicvanajr]

oooh, in the world of file-sharing and pirating known as p2p (whatever, you know it is), grokster lost to mgm in their supreme court battle. fair? no. are they screwed now in terms of fines? yes.

look at this! java is turning 10! wow, it’s been awhile! it kind of sucks that i’m currently being forced to learn this silly language right now in order to graduate. pshhhh. but anyways, looks like sun is apparently throwing full source code at you for several “major” applications as a way of celebrating. hey, i’ll totally take that anytime.

we’ll end your monday java sipping (HAHAHAAHAHA WASNT THAT FUNNY? NO IT WASNT.) with (get this) a decent article from cnn on how the internet used to be. remember our pal mosaic? yeahhhh. of course you do. and i quote the movie hackers: “it’s got a 28.8bps modem!!!

19 thoughts on “Hackaday Monday Sipping

  1. The FedEx box one was interesting, one of my roommates and I did the something similar to get or coffee table, except it was actually made from a coffee table box (which was more ironic when you could see the labels until we painted it.)

  2. “Just a few years ago, the move from a 28.8k modem to 56k was enough to make many users ecstatic. These days many DSL and cable connections are up to 70 times faster than the old dial-up. The faster Web makes it much easier for people to –>watch audio, listen to video and share files.<--" Does CNN even proof their articles anymore? This is the most glaring of a couple of typos throughout the article.

  3. The ruling on the MGM vs. Grokster case was that Grokster was guilty of marketing their software as a program to be used explicitly for sharing copyrighted material.. Which is already illegal.

    They didn’t say “p2p is t3h b4nn3d”, or any such thing.

    What if a guy was selling guns with the marketing slogan “Kill your friends with the pull of a trigger!” – that wouldn’t exactly be legal either, now would it?

    p2p has legit and non-legit uses. Sharing copyrighted material falls under “non-legit” uses. A legit use would be like me – I share my music I have written and recorded over P2P, as well as share papers and articles released under open licenses – not to mention Linux/BSD isos.

    Grokster’s marketing was sheer stupidity, anyway.

  4. Wow…limewire? Really? You noob. :(

    Other than that, the psp petition will fail, the solar generator is far too expensive to be deemed hackworthy when you can get something like this for less than a third of the cost http://store.advancedmart.com/mu12vbrsoge1.html (and it’s a freaking briefcase! o_O), and…yeah. :)

    PS: It’s homo that you block dodgeit.com
    PPS: And mailinator? Wtf guys. Some of us don’t want to give a big media company our info. :|

  5. the cnn article brought back memories of my move to a 56k, i was the happiest kid on my block. oh and the psp petition is a big time fail as stated by skittles. psp are lame anyways, mine only gets used to read hackaday and engadget when im on the jon.

  6. I feel sorry for the guy that furnished his entire house basically in fedex boxes. you must have a very limited social and work life to have the time to make all that crap.

    I bet his parents were pissed when they came back from their week vacation to find all their normal furniture sold on ebay and replaced by fedex boxes :(

  7. fedexfurniture.com seems to be 404 today.

    As for the source for the free fedex boxes: just go to fedex.com, setup a shipping account *for free* and then order supplies *for free*. fedex will gladly send you free boxes, dry ice labels, blank labels, etc. for fedex shipping use.

    the site notes that the boxes are not to be used for fedex ground shipments but my personal experience as a fedex ground package handler for the last 2 years has been that fedex boxes are used by the boatload. we also get a good deal of ups, usps, and dhl boxes.

    if you think that it would be really funny to order a bunch of boxes, just remember that fedex will send them to you and then you’ll have a bunch of boxes. in other words, it may be funny to order 1000’s of boxes but it won’t be funny to find a place for them. :)

  8. Gee, when I read that FedExFurniture.com was involved in a legal battle, I made a mental note to spider the site and make a mirror. It went down before I got a chance to.

    Anyone have a mirror? I’m using a dresser as a computer desk and it’s really uncomfortable. Putting together a computer desk from FedEx boxes (and then maybe making it look pretty) would be rad.

    So yeah. Mirror, anyone? or even a similar site?

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