Weather Radar Display

weather radar

No, I never wondered what meteorologists did when they were bored. I’m happy to discover that they’re building slick little devices like this. It is a mini-ITX based system that uses StormPredator for the generating the display. Everything is housed inside an old marine weather display. It is a really thorough write up covering the entire build process even covering bugs found along the way.

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Hackaday Monday Sipping

monday sipping

hello los amigos! it’s monday, rainy, crappy, and disgusting outside! so looks like it’s up to us to keep you entertained. because today we most certainly will. i must insist we start off with some fresh links.

this is amazing. i can’t believe it even exists and the cost to make it is nearly nothing if you have a kinkos or fedex store near you. this dude makes furniture out of fedex boxes. that’s so awesome!
thanks for that one [mlynx]

also, the next hackaday podcast will be coming out soon, but not this week. why? because:
a. vince has finals for summer classes thursday. b. live 8 is saturday.

but, the week after that is looking mighty good. so keep your eyes peeled like certain fruits.

it also seems there’s a psp homebrew petition going around. check it out if you want, but it’s pretty much a waste of time. i mean, look how limited net yaroze was. [steyr]

and did you happen to catch the wake n bacon alarm clock on engadget yesterday? mmmm, greasy goodness….for non-jews of course.

make a solar powered generator for “$300”. hey, worth a shot if you really need it. [rufus]

great for a lot of reasons, add extra connectors to ide cables. [sonicvanajr]

oooh, in the world of file-sharing and pirating known as p2p (whatever, you know it is), grokster lost to mgm in their supreme court battle. fair? no. are they screwed now in terms of fines? yes.

look at this! java is turning 10! wow, it’s been awhile! it kind of sucks that i’m currently being forced to learn this silly language right now in order to graduate. pshhhh. but anyways, looks like sun is apparently throwing full source code at you for several “major” applications as a way of celebrating. hey, i’ll totally take that anytime.

we’ll end your monday java sipping (HAHAHAAHAHA WASNT THAT FUNNY? NO IT WASNT.) with (get this) a decent article from cnn on how the internet used to be. remember our pal mosaic? yeahhhh. of course you do. and i quote the movie hackers: “it’s got a 28.8bps modem!!!

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