Commodity Telepresence Rover


Scott Metoyer built this awesome telepresence rover using really cheap parts. He started with a Pentium II laptop that wasn’t being used. Then he picked up a relay board to connect to the parallel port. A servo board was connected to the serial port and a webcam was attached to the USB port. The drive wheels are powered by two windshield wiper motors. The rover runs a server application that talks to a wireless client computer for control. He says the control lag is minimal and you get 15fps from the webcam with pan and tilt. This is a great start and really shows how cheaply you can build a telepresence robot. Scott still has a lot of sensor connections he can use so I’m sure will see more interesting applications in the future.

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

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So Live 8 is tomorrow. Woohoo. The lineup keeps getting better. You can check out for live blogging on Live 8. Anyways, I was looking at the new iControl for Garageband and I remembered a nice little secret that you guys might enjoy.

If you want a hardcore discount at the Apple store online, go and sign up for the Apple Developer Connection. I think it’s a once a year $79 or $99 fee. You’ll get all this free stuff and pre-release software etc. which is cool. But aside from that