Wardriving Box

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Defcon isn’t the only hacker gathering starting up right now. If you are at What The Hack in the Netherlands you might catch a glimpse of this project. It’s a wardriving box based on the WRAP. The platform is similar to the Soekris boards and the site actually describes both. It isn’t a complete how to, but you’ll have a good idea of what’s in store for you if you want to attempt this.

[thanks ian]

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Defcon Day -1 At 12:40pm PST

Viva las vegas. it’s now 12:30pm here, 3:30pm there (philadelphia).

when the box office opens for tickets, we’ll be there (we = me. eliot gets in late. torrone might be there with me)

we suggest you meet up with us. the t-shirts got lost with UPS, but they’ll be getting a new order here by saturday for us. so no worries! defcon visitors will get some!

expect more posts today. jet lag kills. don’t IM me unless you ARE going to defcon.
if you will be going to defcon, send us a tip or comment with a way to get in touch with you and we’ll let you know whats up. meet us before defcon then come ask us Q&A and show us hacks tomorrow!

plenty of stickers to give out still!

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