Defcon Day 1 – CISO

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CISO was taking Q&A at Defcon. A lot of the questions were directed torward corporate security issues and how testing is done. A lot of jib jab about hackers and the patriot act ensued. Cool questions, but a bit long if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “Defcon Day 1 – CISO

  1. im sorry. it just sucks without hacks, and you know its just weblogs inc. trying to get a crap load of coverage. you think all those posts about live8 were because vince was so darn happy about it? no. they were because weblogs started a live8 blog and vince lived conveintly in philly.

  2. Just a quick question… why is hack-a-day even under this weblogs inc. thing. I’ve never heard of it, or any other blog affiliated with it besides this one. Why stick with it if it only hinders what you can do with the blog?

  3. #6

    a lot of other successful news blogs are affiliated with Weblogs Inc, just check out or!

    there isn’t a limit, it’s just that they work closely with the other sites. The only disadvantage i see is you have to validate you comments with email, if there was some sort of account making system it would be much better.

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