CVS Camcorder download alpha

cvs camcorder

A few people sent this in, but credit goes to [chris tt] for providing all the necessary links. Here is the process for using the camera with windows. First you need to build a USB cable [pdf]. Next, plug in the camera and create an inf file using libUSB. Finally, grab the OPS program and start extracting the video. Here is the thread announcing the release. Congratulations to BillW, morcheeba, daBass and anyone else who helped contribute to the project.

UPDATE: MAKE:Blog has a chronology of how this latest development happened.

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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

sorry for no links yesterday folks, jet lag was still kickin in. but thankfully, eliot put up an article on how to finally use that damn cvs camcorder! bout time right?

so before i throw you lotsa links, let me say this:

i am out of all merch aside from a few shirts.

i came back from, vegas to over 300 envelopes bulging out of my mailbox. i still havent even gotten to them yet.  so stop sending SASEs until we get more. thanks people!

printer that cuts its own paper for you. oragami anyone?
inject audio into insecure handsets. oooh the possibilities