HOW-TO: Greyhat WiFi Repeater


This how-to gives the steps needed to put together a simple man-in-the-middle wireless repeater. You can use this to hang your wired network off of someone else’s wireless router and serve their wireless connection back to them. Do not do this. It here as a silly geek trick and will probably just annoy you every time your connection goes down because you’re too cheap to pay for a good wired connection.

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How-To Control Csound With A Custom Midi Controller: Introduction (1 Of 2)

Csound is a free language for sound synthesis and processing.  It has a rich history and is still used today by musicians, composers and sound designers including Brian Eno, Richard James (aka Aphex Twin), NIN, DJ Spooky, and many more.  Why is Csound still in existence today?  It is a simple language which veers quickly to complex auditory experiences.  This coupled with a quick learning curve has kept Csound a popular audio synthesis language since its creation in 1985 by Barry Vercoe.

This How-To is one of a two part installment.  Part One is an introductory leap into Csound.  Part Two next week will have you building a physical interface to control a Csound environment via Midi.  Please note that this intro is a small daub of paint in the universe that is Csound creation.  Many books, entire webpages, and courses have been taught on Csound.  This introduction is meant to offer a glimpse into the rich world of audio creation and to hopefully inspire the reader to invest more time in Csound.

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