The Lost Post

This post originally started out as a “week in reverse” post back in July, but it was around the time that our FTP server was on the fritz, so it never got finished. I got curious today and discovered  that all of the links are working now.  So, enjoy some fine Hack-A-Day wallpaper.
caramel zappa


wallpaper adam maras

[adam maras]

wallpaper badspy

wallpaper jackbond64

wallpaper keenerd

wallpaper ryan

18 thoughts on “The Lost Post

  1. Slightly bothered that you guys compressed my pic until it looked like poo. I submitted a 160Kb gif. Yes, a gif. You posted a jpeg that is half the size and absolutely shredded. My email address has become completly unreadable, besides all the other details that have changed.

    Will the extra 80Kb really break your servers?

    (And don’t say that gifs are junk because of reduced palette or even the software patents issue. They are very useful for greyscale artwork. Or bluescale, in my case.)

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