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The comments on PSP downgrading keep growing. If you had trouble before, you might want to check back to see if some light has been shed.

Make a Nano lanyard from a firewire cable. [sentinel]

Restore your Nano’s original shine. [Mrgreen]

[DarkJimmy] made some Hack-A-Day buttons.

Check out [JunkToArt]’s models built from PCMCIA cards and hard drives.

PS2, GameCube, XBox all in one box Looks like two optical drives too many. [via]

Extensive list of wardriving tools [via]

We love your links. We can’t post everything, but feel free to complain if we don’t post your link that goes nowhere, [Andrew] (did you mean the first link you sent in?)

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Thursday Nano Hacks: Making Black iPod headphones


We are starting a new feature for Thursdays here at Hack A Day: Thursday Nano Hacks. Our “hack” for the day is more of a mod out of necessity: Those ugly white headphones with a black iPod nano? Ew! Please come back next Thursday for a real iPod nano hack alrighty?

Scroll on for our little stroll through recoloring cables, and please read the conclusion. (Let’s just say that this hack is not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.)

What you will need:
– iPod headphones. They only come in white.
– PlastiDip in black (we used the dipping kind, but we recommend the spray aerosol kind in black)
– a tiny paintbrush you can throw out when you’re finished
– toothpicks
– stick or chopstick to stir the PlastiDip
– coathangers
– masking tape
– lots of time to waste

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HOW-TO: PSP 2.00 to 1.50 downgrade

UPDATE: Since this how-to was first written things have changed. Sony has released firmware 2.01 which makes this downgrade impossible. A PSP bricker trojan was released because of this antivirus software will classify both the good and bad downgrade files as harmful. You should do more research into the current state of the downgrade before attempting. As far as we know our firmware links are still good, we are not hosting them so we can not vouch for their safety.

C.K. Sample, III, TUAW / WIN Blogger and author of the forthcoming book, PSP Hacks, got his hands on the version 2.0 downgrader and wrote up a thorough how- to complete with pics for us. He even takes the extra steps to upgrade and downgrade yet again, just to make sure such a thing is possible.

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Hackaday links

I don’t know what the deal is with my DNS; It really didn’t want me to see [markie]’s hand crank iPod charger. He failed to estimate before hand exactly how much cranking it would take.

The high school “confirm friend” links have started working for me on Facebook. So, you can actually add me now. I think girl count is holding at 6.

I think I first saw this in Sync magazine, but I’m not sure if we ever posted it: Pierced eyeglasses. [steve]

[Simon] made another Nano sleeve using a cleaning cloth.

Circuit-bent Casio SK-1 [jumpstart] did a great job packaging all of this up.

Grab high res album art from iTunes using [Tristan]’s script.

[BigDumbyak]’s Xbox dashboard skin

Cheap polarizing filter… really cheap [corey]

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Microgram electrobalance


As with most precision equipment, microgram scales are usually very expensive. The close tolerance machining of sapphire pivots and computer control add to the cost. Not all of those components are necessary though. This article from Scientific American demonstrates how to build a simple microgram balance using a salvaged galvanometer. Once calibrated, the output voltage will have a direct linear relationship to the weight. There is a more recent version of this project that uses a microcontroller to overcome static friction and auto center.

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