Build your own generator


This generator is built from an old alternator and a 2-stroke gas engine. The site has some suggestions on component mounting and properly sizing the drive pulley. The importance of getting an alternator with a built in voltage regulator is also covered. You could use this to charge a race car battery between rounds or add a power inverter to power AC items. Of course you could build a gas powered blender instead.

[thanks Howard and jon]

18 thoughts on “Build your own generator

  1. So sharing my opinion makes me an ass huh? I spose I should lie and be like, “wow! this is so cool. thanks. I’m going to go out and build one right away.”

    So you think this is a good hack? I could shit a better idea than this. Damn fanboys. lol

  2. You may be able to “shit a better idea than this” but the difference is that you’re sitting on your ass judging other people’s creations instead of actually creating anything and posting it.

  3. I never said it was good, but i have no room to take because I havent made any hacks recently or submitted any. But the poit is if you don’t like it then either leave or chage it (submit some).

  4. Aversion: This qualifies as ‘hack’ as it provides an easy way to get a couple days worth of power at a completely remote spot. Like running a wifi repeater out on the ocean. so with a couple bucks and crap from the shed, i can surf the web from my boat and read your fecal challenged comments.

  5. Hey buddy, what’s really good with that pop-under ad. I understand you’ve gotta make a buck on this but pop-unders? come on they’re among the most annoying types of advertising on the internet, at least there’s no sound.

  6. That would be a FOUR stroke gasoline motor… big BIG difference!

    Too bad we dont have cheap and plentiful diesel motors (way more efficient) here like they do in Asia. Think waste-veggie oil/biodiesel.

    Having used a nearly identical setup to jumpstart a dead-batteried car, I can tell you this little hack indeed ROCKS.

    You can take this device a step further, modify the alternator, and you can make a WELDER. No kiddin. Google for “weldernator.”

  7. Yeah, I diesel would be much better.

    I have a 85 Mercedes that I have been running on waste vegetable oil for over a month, not a burp or hiccup yet!

    Instead of making a generator out of a car alternator, you could just use an old regular AC motor. Simply turn the AC motor (1 or 3 phase) at a slightly higher RPM than what it runs at on its own. Then put enough running capacitors in parallel with the wires of the motor to make 110vac (over 20amp), or even up to 220vac (lower amperage, I havent tested) Works very well, and very cheaply.

    I had an old compressor motor and an old lawnmower engine laying around that garage I build mine out of. Works very nicely!

    I have been thinking of adding a smaller 1 phase motor to my car so that I would have free AC (when running on free WVO)

  8. I wouldn’t count on that design after a hurricane…
    has slow speed diesels that make for a engine that should last years, not hours or maybe days.
    Like mentioned by some before, you could run it on veggie oil. Krispy Kreme fryer oil should make the exhaust smell yummy!

  9. I built a similar ‘generator’ a few years back. It was pretty cool as an experiment, but it does have it’s flaws. The biggest one being the belt, IMO. This isn’t a new idea by any means. I’ve repaired older Honda generators that utilized the same idea, but now everybody mounts the generator directly to the shaft which is tapered. Still pretty cool if you have some free time.

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