Build your own generator


This generator is built from an old alternator and a 2-stroke gas engine. The site has some suggestions on component mounting and properly sizing the drive pulley. The importance of getting an alternator with a built in voltage regulator is also covered. You could use this to charge a race car battery between rounds or add a power inverter to power AC items. Of course you could build a gas powered blender instead.

[thanks Howard and jon]

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Ask Hack-A-Day


You may have heard that MasterCard is rolling out swipeless cards. I was alarmed by the quote: “point to the success of ExxonMobil’s SpeedPass system”. You mean the RFID system that was cracked and TI refused to acknowledge? There has been other RFID spoofing work that has proven that the action of reading the card makes it more insecure. What do you think of this new rollout and what percentage of your body will you be covering in tinfoil (freezer grade, shiny side out)?

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