Audio Output From A Serial Port


Yes, it is possible to get sound output from a serial port. Sure, it sounds terrible, but what did you expect. [markrages] ttyplay program first resamples the WAV file to the baud rate of the serial port. It then uses Sigma-Delta modulation to encode the analog signal into a binary bitstream. You should really try this out. The picture above is from when I was testing it out since it only took a minute to grab the parts and a second to compile. Mark says audio quality could be improved by using a higher baudrate. There is a lot of noise though. Somebody want to put together a simple RC filter/amplifier; I can actually think of a project this might be useful for. Read more about ttyplay here.

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IPod Video Recap


My 5G iPod arrived yesterday. We previously talked about automatically converting downloaded TV to iPod video. I had found [mike]’s comment odd since it said the iPod doesn’t support Videora’s H.264. Odd because I followed Videora’s conversion guide and that’s the setting they used. Well, it’s true. I was successful using the “SP/320×240/768KbpsStereo/128Kbps” setting Mike suggested. This issue has been acknowledged with the release of iPod Converter 0.81. I haven’t had a chance to test the new version which features more resolutions (not guaranteed to be usable). My Azureus setup seems be working even though the converter coughs up a .NET error every so often.

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