Ben Heck Interview Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Ben. (Or just grab it via the feed) We answer some more questions and go off on a few tangents about cnc machines, the PS3 and part sources. It cuts directly to the interview – I don’t want to wait 6 hours to record it. I should have a regular podcast up in the next day or two.

9 thoughts on “Ben Heck Interview Part 2

  1. I don’t like Ben Heck, and I’m not sure why. Something about his writing style just strikes me as inexcusably unprofessional. And while he’ll probably come back and say it’s not supposed to be, he obviously has a desire to be taken seriously as a tech journalist.

  2. ben heck is a fucking genius. And if you haven’t noticed, geeks tend to be unprofessional. The whole long hair sandal thing, ya know? Unprofessional writing style isn’t a bad thing. Actually, I think it’s a benefit. As long as you can write coherent sentences, I’d much rather read two sentences of actual information than three pages of filler.

  3. Literary Ben Heck:One day I was strolling through the night, the tip tap of the rain drops descending upon the umbrella above my head. The emptiness of the night consumed my soul, “Jeeze” I said to myself, “how am I going to complete this project? the deadline it tomorrow and it’s just not fitting”. Then a thought came to my head *twist-ties*, I used them and all was well.

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