Circuit Board Repair

[Wayne] sent along this interesting read on circuit board repair. Even if you’re not uh, repairing, it’s interesting to get some ideas for modification techniques. Pictured is a DIP IC that’s been placed upside-down over the old one with a set of jumper wires. I can only aspire to produce solder joints that look that nice. Good stuff.

Just so the Unofficial Team-Hack-A-Day guys don’t crucify me, they too have been making their own shirts. Thanks [mastershake916].

31 thoughts on “Circuit Board Repair

  1. nice looking site, i’m half-tempted to rip it all now before it’s a pay site :P

    most of this stuff though would help me more at work where we have real PCBs, not hand-made proto-perfboards like I do at home. …but there it’s usually cheaper to just replace the whole thing.

    if you make your own boards or get them made this is one sweet guide

  2. I dont mind doing stuff like seen in the tutorial (although I’m still learning on how to remove stuff efficiently)

    But ip, thats crazy! reminds me of an article a while ago here where they removed + replaced a firewire? or some other controller on a laptop mobo.

    I’ve done laptop mobo work, but its mainly repairs because every time I fix one thing, I knock another surface mount component off :P

  3. TBH I cant remember as I did that about 3 years ago now, It was really fine transformer wire about the thickness of the human hair, with an enamel coat that I had to burn off with the iron, I think the resistors and caps were 0805 size.

    That’s about the finest work I ever did, most other reworks were with kynar wire about 30awg I think.

    I used to do some pretty amazing stuff but just build and install puters now :)

    still came in handy for the ps1 and ps2 mods :) hehe

  4. I replace power jacks on laptop mobos regularly, and one problem I’ve run into a few times is when a lead on the jack has arced so badly that it the through-hole plating is destroyed. Usually this happens with the positive pin, which is mechanically tied to the center pin of the jack, so the through-hole plating is very important for strength.

    The site shows how to replaced one with eyelets, but I don’t have those so here’s a quick and dirty way to make your own. Cut out a tiny piece of thin metal, maybe 1mm wide by 1.5-2mm tall. Cut a notch (just one cut, don’t remove material) at the the center of the top and the bottom so that the left and right sides are joined by a small strip of metal at the center about the thickness of the board. Then fold the left and right halves toward each other so that they form a right angle.

    Now you have an eyelet (well, half of one, but it works), you can fold the ears on the top half outwards before inserting it into the hole. Be sure to scrape any insulation off of the landing pad if necessary. After insertion, fold the bottom ears outwards to secure it.

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