Airsoft Turret 2.0

[Jared] posted the latest version of his remote control airsoft gun. The new one allows USB and R/C control. It’s got four seperate firing mechanisms, a laser and uses a pair of servos for motion… and lots of ammo. Whatever you do, don’t make fun of [Jared]. They’ll have video up on the site after a couple of days to save bandwidth.

(Just a note: embed youtube or netscape videos and you’ll have video and save your bandwidth.)

15 thoughts on “Airsoft Turret 2.0

  1. Another video sharing suggestion would be Good licensing (no worries about them taking it and selling), they allow d/l in original format, and they encourage sharing via RSS, direct link from home site, etc. They are by far my favorite of the video sharing sites, from a content owner’s perspective.

  2. idk despite the cool look, that no fastener construction method looks pretty shoddy, also, It’d be cooler if it wasnt so dependant on comercial products (his projects are starting to look like the stuff of popular science’s how2.0 section)

  3. Interesting how this has sort of turned into a discussion of various video sharing services. My personal favorite is Google Video. Unlimited video length, unlimited size (though you may have to use the desktop uploader), people can download the video either in MPEG-4 or an H.264 file ready for use with a video iPod or PSP. You can also control those features.

    As far as the actual hack goes, it looks kind of nifty. I’m just waiting for someone to connect this to a small bank of cameras that detect motion, and will automatically aim in the vicinity of anything moving.

  4. Yah… i have to say i applauded his efforts. it’s not easy making a how to article that every layman can do with only 2 or 3 common tools. Shoddy or not is not the point. Any idiot can come along and reinforce it here and there. But being that no one has ever done this before in a simple how to article for the ever day geek. Well my hat goes off to him. It’s truly why inventgeek is so cool!

  5. @14: he claims $150-$250 on the site.

    @10: you’re right, it doesn’t take much to run it through a spell checker. perhaps someone should offer their services as a proofreader?

    @3: I think the project is more of an exercise in control and turret building than “this is how to make an awesome BB turret”, but if it just explained the technical factors in building a remote turret without the gusn it would be more didactic and less fun. as far as the reliance on commercial products goes, an inventive hacker (surely the definition of hacker?) could probably substitute another cheap electric BB gun or their own favourite USB/RF interface. it could do with a slightly more professional approach to building the thing than just throwing hot glue at it though.

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