13 thoughts on “Wii Laptop How-To (Part 3)

  1. Still not as good as vacuum tables, or resin molding.

    Boxed form cases are getting bland, but making professional quality casted cases like you see on off the shelf laptops is either expensive, or messy, and expensive.

    Those translucent plastic clipboards are perfect for ITX laptops, and you can temper form the plastic with low heat.

  2. It’s a fantastic job! … only thing is, and I saw mention of this on the Engadged site also, that the lid (screen) is smaller then the base of the WII laptop.. IMHO it would have looked a lot better if it were just as wide and maybe a bit bigger display would have fit in there. But none the less, fokking amazing job!

  3. i used to work for an engraving shop and it didn’t take me long to figure out that a laser engraver is just a laser cutter set to “raster.” as soon as i switched its settings over to “vector” i was making stencils & cutting all kinds of shapes out of sheet plastic.

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